Monday, September 29, 2014

New Window Baskets

 I'm truly enjoying our Minnesota autumn weather!
It's absolutely gorgeous right now with all of the changing colors in nature!

It was a rather busy month and wanted to take it all facebook, blogging, tweeting, or instagram.  Lots of reading, having company/entertaining, trying out new recipes, sewing, and even shopping at an outlet store (I'm not big on shopping or crowds); and most importantly enjoying my morning coffee out in the patio and not in front of the computer.
 Earlier this month Hubby help me hang 2 new window basket planters to the windows up front of the house, and...
I just simply stuffed them with some colorful mums.
Sorry for the blurry picture...I really need new glasses!!!
I think it just adds a little bit more charm to the very plain front of the house.  
Next year I will try to talk Hubby into putting up window shutters to both windows...hehehe...and I already have in mind what to plant for next spring/summer!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014