Monday, April 23, 2012

Table Top Tuesday

Leftover Easter Decor

These are actual quail eggs.  Hubby and I found them last spring in our firewood basket out in our back patio.  We left them untouched in hopes mama quail would come back, but she never came back.
I washed them and have displayed them in this glass dish.  Hubby had forgotten all about them and he thought these eggs were actually candy!

Of course for Easter you must have jelly beans!  Hubby hasn't stopped eating them.

I purposely left the Easter touches on account of hosting our monthly neighbors' get together.

We all bring an appetizer to share, so I set the dining room table for our guests to place their dishes.

Here's my favorite cake plate holding my yearly Easter eggs!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Egg Carton Swap III

These are the two Easter Egg Cartons I made for Alisa and Donna.  We were swap partners in Cassandra's Easter Treat Egg Carton swap.

This was for Donna, and...

this one for Alisa.


This was a fun fun swap.  Thank you Cassandra.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Egg Carton Swap II

Today I am sharing Donna's beautiful Easter Egg Carton I received from her.  It came safely wrapped in tulle, toile fabric and batting. 

Lovely decorated with a glittery piece of vintage jewelry.

Love the gorgeous flower and decoupaged rose bouquet.

The box literally exploded as I was opening it!  Lots and lots of precious goodies!

Cute decorated clothes pins holding lace and ribbon.

Donna added lovely handmade stick pins along with a pink tiny Easter bunny! 

Donna thank you so much for all of the lovely treasures and making this swap a great one!
Tomorrow I'll post the egg cartons I made for Alisa and Donna.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Egg Carton Swap I

I participated in Cassandra's Egg Carton Swap!  We each were assigned to swap with two other ladies and they were wonderful!!! 
Today I am going to feature what I received from Alisa
Alisa beautifully wrapped my treat in sewing pattern paper and blue tulle.

Adorably decoupaged with this vintagey Easter bunny paper and trimmed with gingham ribbon.  Love the flower!

Look at all of the treasures!!!

Amongst all of the beautiful gifts, I found this most adorable kitty kat pin cushion with handmade pins!!!

Every precious little thing is greatly appreciated Alisa!
Thank you Cassandra for hosting a great swap and can't wait for the next one.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tabletop Tuesday

I did some spring cleaning over the weekend and took a picture of my favorite shelf in my craft/office room.  This shelf holds some of my milk glass collection.

Aren't these Easter chicks adorable and just the cutest!  I found the perfect spot to showcase them.  They were a gift from Marie.

I found the doily at one of my favorite little thrift store shop.  I am in love with this beautiful walnut shell pin cushion!!!

Here's a view of where this table top display comes from...

...and then the rest of it...  It's a collection of all of my favorite things.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

April's Tag A Month Swap

Amy made this cute and cheerful tag for me!  I love the huge Easter egg and glittery bees!
Amy overwhelmed me with a generous bagful of goodies!  Way too generous.  Thank you Amy! 
Amy and I participated in Tee's Altered Art Tag A Month Swap.  I am sure you can guess what the theme for April is.
This is the tag I made for Amy.  I made her skirt from a piece of lace and added a long ribbon.  I hope the jelly beans were not too much!

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Vintage Petite Jar from Marie

Marie made this adorable vintage petite jar.  She used this beautiful lace and vintage jewelry to decorate the jar.

On the lid of the jar, Marie used a vintage piece of jewelry along with crotchet doily.  She also made the gorgeous tag.

Marie filled the jar with tons of treasures: more vintage jewelry, charms, a roll up hankie, stickpin, pink adorable baby chicks, a silk small baggie filled with sweet smelling lavender, a bottle cap pin, a tiny candle wrapped with gauze, a paper weight, Yankee candles, lace...LOVE IT ALL!!! 

The most precious and amazing little treasure I found among the many things Marie send me, is this most adorable cute tiny pin cushion made out of a walnut shell!!!  I can't stop looking at it and admiring it!

This spool of thread was a great surprise as well.  I love how Marie threaded the button to hold the thread on the spool!  Great idea!
sorry for this blurry picture...I think I took off my glasses when I took it...
Thank you so much Marie!

This was my jar to Marie.

Michele from Something Special hosted this very special swap called Vintage Petite Jar Spring Swap. The special thing about this swap is that it was so nice to get to know the person you get to swap with.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monthly Themed Swap

I received this beautiful springy ATC from Marianne...all the way from Denmark!  I love how she layered different pieces of paper to create an image.  I love to learn from others. 
Thank you Marianne for this beautiful ATC and all of the extra goodies!!!

I joined a Monthly Themed ATC Swap group over at Flickr.  For my first participating swap with this group, the theme was Spring.  This swap group works a little different than the other swap groups I have participated in.  All participating swappers will take a turn hosting a swap and naming the theme for that month.

This is my Spring ATC which I sent to Esmeralda.
In this swap we send our card to the person below our name on the list.  Eventually, I will send Marianne one of my own.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

I received this gorgeous lace ATC from Tee.  Isn't she beautiful!  Love love the flapper picture and the background!  Tee did such an awesome job!

Along with the beautiful ATC, Tee included these really neat stick pins with holder! 
Thanks to Tee, I have entered a different world of crafting or mixed media art!  I am loving it!

Thank you Sweet Tee for thinking of me!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  It was great coming home to very happy mail!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Time In Paris Swap

I received this beautiful Spring Time in Paris ATC from Michele.  Her interpretation of the theme was so well thought out.  Love all of the details that say "Paree"! (you must say it with a French accent...LOL!) 
We both participated in the Blissful ATC Swap for the month of April.

I made this ATC for Michele.
This was a fun swap and I just loved the theme.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Tag and Basket

For the Tag A Month swap I created 2 tags, but couldn't decide which to send to my swap partner for the month of I kept this egg hunt tag.  I just hope I made the right decision and mailed out the tag that was better for my swap partner. 

I tucked the tag in this Easter basket...

for Dear Hubby!

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