Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Simple Chalkboard Project

 I had been admiring several super cute DIY chalkboards out there in blogland, and had been wanting to make one myself. 
 Well, the opportunity presented itself when I was at Target ready to spend my $5 gift card I had won at a game playing miniature golf.
 I found this little bottle of chalkboard paint and box of chalk at Target's Dollar Spot for a $1 each.  Oh...and the wire pumpkin was also a $1 at the Spot
My next task was to find a piece of flat surface to start creating my chalkboard.  I went through our 2 barrels of scrap lumber, and I couldn't believe I couldn't find anything!!!  So I kept searching our basement, and came upon a set of 4 old metal trays, and Bingo...perfect!!!  I washed the tray and dried it; and then started painting it with the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.
It was enough paint and there's still some left in the bottle.
 The following day I checked my work and I was so happy with the result!  
I drew a very simple pumpkin and phrase...I'm not very artistic when it comes to drawing.  For a little bit of color I made a magnet out of a silk fall leaf and a tiny crochet pumpkin.
I think it looks so cute right here with the morning sunshine coming through the window...feels so fallish!
Three more trays to go...yeah!!!

Just a little funny story about the wire mesh pumpkin that I paid a $1 for.  That same afternoon I had purchased my pumpkin at Target, my sister-in-law and I popped in to this little antique store in Rosemount.  The store had several of these same pumpkins throughout the store selling them for $6 each!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!  They were exactly the same as mine...unbelievable!!!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bachman's Fall Idea House Tour

Last Thursday, Jan (sister-in-law) and I toured the Bachman's Fall Idea House, and it was decked in all it's autumn splendor!
Here are some pictures I would love to share of my favorite decor inspiration:
This picture is from the front door covered porch.  There is this gorgeous vine hanging display from the ceiling over the beautifully decorated fall table.
No lighting above the dining room table?  No problem.  How about a spray painted medallion over the round glass table, and use your imagination what you can hang from it!

Now...for my MOST FAVORITE ROOM of all!!!  
I need one in my house!!!

I also liked very much this picture wall vignette with a collection of eclectic frames.
This is the garage converted into an outdoor patio!!!
Jan sitting pretty and resting!

I highly recommend that if you're in the area, make a point of paying the Fall Idea House a visit; but if you're lucky enough to be in Minneapolis during the Christmas Holiday, it is a must to tour this house!!!  I hear it's spectacular!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tea Cup for Mikki

Mikki and I participated in sweet and lovely Stephanie's 7th Tea Cup & Mug Exchange.  This is such a fun party to participate in and get to meet someone new, and hopefully make a lasting friendship!
  My partner to exchange with was Mikki.  Mikki doesn't have a blog so I will share with you what she received from me.
Mikki likes shabby vintage, and one of her favorite colors is blue.  I found this very pretty blue flower tea cup and saucer for her.
She also stated that she loves garage sales, crafts and she's into the new rage: Pocket Letters
In her package I included a Pocket Letter, a fine crochet coaster, 3 handmade cards, vintage ribbon, a tin mold, a tiny frame, a little butter pat dish, some pretty paper...
and a little touch of fall!
Mikki was kind enough to call me and thanked me for her teacup package!  It was very nice talking to her and actually hearing her voice.  She was so excited about her PL!  We will stay in touch through PL swapping.  She's such a sweet Lady, and I'm so glad to have her as my partner!!!

PS: With all of the excitement of getting Mikki's package all wrapped up, I forgot to include tea!!!  I swear, I'm getting senile!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pink Paper Clip Heart

 Pink Heart turned into a pretty paper clip!
Last month I learned how to crochet tiny hearts out of yarn.  You can find the easy peasy crochet pattern here.
To cover the back of the heart paper clip, I cut out a piece of pink fabric with pinking shears and glued on to back.
Off it goes tucked away in a pink wrapped gift box with a touch of fall!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Pillow Cover Sewing

 At the beginning of summer I decided to update some old throw pillows by making new pillow pocket covers.
I am absolutely not a great experienced seamstress, but I'm very proud of my measly accomplishments at using a sewing machine!!! :-)
I have been updating some of our summer home look cheaply.  By cheaply I mean trying not to spend too much, but still be able to have quality decor...LOL!!!
This green checked pocket cover is hiding a very ugly outdated color pillow.
 I stop at this nearby Thrift Store which is super clean and well organized, and things sell out quickly.  I stop at least twice a month, and check their craft/hobby/sewing area.  I usually never come home empty handed.  If there is a fabric that I love, I better get it, or it's gone if I decide to go back and buy it later.  Most of the upholstery fabric is good quality by well known manufacturers.  The bundles are usually 2 or more yards for under $5.00!

Currently I have about 5-6 yards of fabric that I need to sew into more home projects, but I haven't been able to find the time to do so!  Or it could be that the weather is so perfect and beautiful, that I don't want to miss a second of it by being indoors.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crochet Baby Buttercup Beanies

I have some extra baby yarn that I would like to finish off so that I can buy more yarn.  Sickness...but of course...I get bored working with the same color and yarn over and over again!!!
I decided to make baby hats to donate or have on hand to give out as gifts.  I actually was able to make two baby hats while watching Netflix movies one night.

I found this cute, easy and super fast pattern on Ravelry called Baby Buttercup Beanie.

This project is a great project to donate to Warm Up America.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Table

 Our dining room table needed a little update with the autumn season coming in!
So off hunting and gathering I went...
 I gather some crochet pumpkins I made two years ago.  Pine cones I collected late last fall from our nearby park.  Acorn caps and dry pods picked from Norenberg Park.  

I also added a small Chinese Lantern I found on the sidewalk (from one of my walks).  Probably blown away from some one's garden.  Lastly, a little straw flower bouquet I saved from a summer flower bouquet.
And just for fun, I added a pumpkin cookie cutter and some fall fake leaves for an added touch!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tiramisu Baby Blanket

Another baby blanket done.  This pretty crochet pattern is called Tiramisu Baby Blanket.
I don't know if I was attracted by the name of the pattern or how easy it is to make.
It's about 35" x 35" square.
I opted not to add ribbon around blanket though.
I might add a little ribbon bow or some cute applique to one corner...haven't decided yet.
This baby blanket has no owner yet!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pink Sedum

  My pink sedum is blooming!
 I picked up these sedum at a garage sale last summer.  I don't remember if they were free or I paid for them.  They were  just long stalks in a pot!
And look at them growing and blooming!!!
I have a feeling that next summer I might have to transplant them to another place in the garden.  I think the two hydrangea plants will choke them out.
Please ignore the weeds.  I haven't had the chance to go out in the garden and weed.  It has been raining lately.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Found Treasures

 The weather around here has finally cooled down and took advantage of it by stopping by 2 garage sales last Friday!
I found these cute little frames for a dollar each.  The tiny frame was only 25 cents.
 This very pretty vintage framed doily was only $1.00!
 Artichoke was $2.00.
 This very heavy hanging bird bath was $5.00.  I probably would have gotten less for it if I had noticed that one side of the handle was broken; but I still love it!
 Hardcover book for $1.00.  I have a very shady backyard.
 Shabby little birdie for $1.00 and...
also in perfect condition crochet doily for...yup...$1.00!
 I also found this gorgeous platter for $2.00!
On the back of the platter it states Limoges USA.  I thought Limoges was strictly French...I'll have to do a little research.

I can't wait to see what I find this weekend!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Front Door Meets Fall

 It's official!  Fall has arrived at our home!
  I was at Costco and couldn't resist this gorgeous lush chrysanthemum!  I picked one that hadn't fully bloomed, so that I can enjoy it much longer.
Happy Fall

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beach Pocket Letter for Julie

This is the Beach Pocket Letter I made for my swap partner Julie.
I crochet the seahorse in the center pocket.  I completely forgot to take a closer picture of it.  It was actually very easy to make.
On the bottom middle pocket, I glued a tiny seashell that came all the way from St. Petersburg, FL.

This is the back of  the PL with the added goodies.  I included some crochet embellishments and altered paper clips.

I added a little extra tag pocket with more goodies, and...
I made this tiny little notebook.  Inside I wrote down a recipe for a really delicious and refreshing summer cocktail~Cape Cod~my favorite!  I also added a little note as to where the seashells came from.
Off it went all the way to Maryland!