Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Pocket Letter for Waunita

Happy Halloween and I hope you get lots of treats!!!
This is my Halloween Pocket Letter I made for Waunita.  We both participated in a Halloween PL swap for the month of October (Facebook Pocket Letter Pals Group).
The above photo was my sneak peek post on our Facebook PLP Group to show we were ready to mail out to our swap partner.  I like to give a sneek peak shot of what to expect for a surprise factor.
The completed front page of Halloween PL.
~back of Halloween PL~
I added a Halloween tag, and ...
a ghost cookie cutter, a black with gold polka dots glass magnet, and  ...
  other goodies!
~back of PL with the added goodies~
I just hope Waunita likes it!!!
To learn more about Pocket Letters you may go to Janette Lane's Pocket Letter
Facebook Pocket Letter Pals
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Bunco Night

Me at Bunco Night hosted by Sue.
Whoever got a Bunco that night got to wear the Halloween headband (instead of passing around the giant stuffed dice).  Even though I had 3 Buncos that night and wore the headband 3 times, I did not get to win a prize, but I surely had a great time!!!
Sue took this picture of me with her cell phone.  Even though the lighting is awful, I actually like this photo of me.  As you'll probably know by now I absolutely detest pictures of me; luckily this picture passed the test!

I've known Sue for many years.  We met through one of her Longaberger Parties.  Two years ago I get an email from her announcing her next Longaberger Party at her new was a total surprise finding out her new address!   She and her husband moved one block behind our house and not only that, we share the same house about a small world.
It's wonderful having her as my very close neighbor and friend.  On Bunco Nights I simply walk over to her place, which makes it so convenient and perfect since I bring the wine to share for our get together.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Crafty Plans and Better Days

Calmer Days are here again!
  1. We still have the "brightness issue" with our computer, but I'm not going to worry about it.  Eventually this will be taken care of soon.  
  2. Our family room looks like a storage room, because all of our living/dining room's furniture is crammed in there.  In a week, the tile will be laid, and our home will be home again.
  3. I'll have a very busy weekend coming up helping with our Church's Bazaar.  I'm actually looking forward to this.
  4. Must not forget to drop off a "homemade cake" (not store bought) Friday afternoon at Church for Bake Sale at Bazaar!!!  Yikes...I haven't baked in a long time!!!  Maybe I should bake two for practice.
  5. Since I'm back in town I'm Mommy's chauffeur.  Take this as an opportunity to spend quality time with Mom!  
Note to Self: Turn a negative into a positive.  Stop, close my eyes, take deep a breath, exhale, relax, & SMILE.  Every thing will be fine!!! :-)

Now for the the Crafty Plans...
While out and about "Thrift~ing", I found a big bag full of wine corks!  Once I got home, I selected only the wine corks actually made out of corks (saved the non-corks for another project).  I can make a wine cork wreath, a Christmas garland with added red beads, or ...
these gorgeous wine cork balls I spotted at the Bachman's Fall Ideas House.  In my crazy mind I can see me having a WINE ROOM...hehehe....I can dream!!!
I also found these two packages of ruffled trim.  I know that it will eventually become useful in one of my projects!
I just love the feeling I get when I find excellent treasures while on the hunt for treasures.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trash to Treasure Pocket Letter

Happy Monday Tuesday!!!
I say Happy Tuesday, because Monday was not so good!!!  The big issue this past weekend was the "computer" while upgrading to Windows 10.  The problem has to do with "brightness", and we still haven't been able to resolve it.  So very frustrating!  What a this point I have given up, and just happy to be able to get to my blog with yucky resolution!  We will probably end up calling the Geek Squad to figure it out and just fix it!!!

I apologize for not having been able to stop by and visit.  I will try to do so today and see/read what you've been up to :-)

 I participated in a Trash to Treasure Pocket Letter last month.
The challenge in creating this PL was to use only things/items that were recyclable (example: labels, tags, magazines, flyers, ...) nothing store bought, but with a theme.  My theme was 2015 Summer in the Twin Cities.  I used ticket stubs from a Twins game, MN State Fair, and a Cat Video Festival we attended.  A flyer from the Bachman's Fall Ideas House visit, the Schwans' bi-weekly next delivery date reminder, and a "next in line" stub and logo label from Hackenmueller's Butcher Shop (Hubby and I were on a low carb diet over the summer).  This place has the best meat in town!  The quote in the middle center pocket "Do something creative everyday" is from a ...
... paper bag from the Paper Source store.  I love shopping at this store!  They have the prettiest handmade paper I've ever seen.  I followed their advice printed on the bag: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
I recycled the rest of the paper bag graphics and design to do the back of PL (picture above); and added a sample of their handmade paper from this store.
This picture shows the back of PL filled with goodies for my swap partner.  The hanging tags were recycled as well.  One tag was from a pair of pants Hubby bought over the summer and the smaller tag is from Scout Vintage Store.
To learn more about Pocket Letters you may go to Janette Lane's Pocket Letter
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Scrapooking Old Family Photos

~This is my mother-in-law Caroline (Cally)~

Over the summer one of my goals was to organized and simply scrapbook my Hubby's family's pictures.  For some reason, most of the old family photos were kept in two metal boxes all thrown together and abandoned.  
I sorted them as best as I could with Hubby's help.  I used photo corners to place on the pages, that way they can be easily be removed and we can be able to read some of the notes written on the back of photos.  Sadly the information written on back of photos do not contain enough information to answer several questions: Who? Where? When?
Furthermore, as far a s I know most of the people in the photos are long gone.  Luckily, we are able to recognize my mother-in-law, her two sisters, her parents and grandparents.
My sister-in-law Jan has beautiful penmanship and I'm recruiting her to help me label/notate using a white ink pen below photos.

I love this picture of "Cally" very happy and content!  I believe she was about 9 years old.

"Anything Goes" Pink Saturday ~ How Sweet the Sound

Friday, October 23, 2015

Thrifty Nifty Finds

On one of my last thrifty jaunts in Minnesota, I found the following little treasures!  I just love when right out of the blue I find things that I wasn't even looking for!
This is the cutest teapot and the perfect size for my daily afternoon tea!!!
I didn't have a teapot that I could call "my very own" back in MN.  It will be there waiting for my return next late spring.
We have some teapots left behind by my late in-laws, but I have never used them...I have no idea why...hmm...funny!
Now this teacup and saucer was my prize of the day!!!  I love blue and white china!!!
It is called Blue Danube Onion Pattern.
This particular blue is called cobalt blue.
I had been looking for a big simple sugar bowl, and BINGO there it was...nothing special (I think it's from Target), but perfect for our tiny coffee station.  Hubby LOVES his sugar in his coffee!

Arizona Update
Yeah...we are finally settled in Arizona!

I went to my Bunco group last night, and I was a BIG WINNER$$$  These group of Ladies are so much fun, and we have a wonderful time!  I got to meet three new wonderful ladies, and I'm looking forward to our next Bunco Night in December!

Right before we left Minnesota, we found out that Oliver (Big Boy Kitty) was a diabetic.  I was very sad and distraught over this; but the good news is that he's now on insulin and on a diabetic meal diet.  Supposedly cats can go on remission, and won't need twice a day daily insulin shots.  We're praying that this happens! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heart Coasters

About two weeks ago, I made these three quick and easy heart crochet coasters.  I thought it would be nice to have a couple of nice little handmade gifts handy to place in gifts, packages, or thank you cards.
I use this pattern to make them.  I made the first coaster following the instructions step-by-step, but the other two I kind of tweaked the pattern.  I added two extra rounds to actually make the hearts bottom more pointy (like a heart).  I was so engrossed making the changes, that I did not make written notations...argh!!!

This is the crochet coaster that started my inspiration in making them!
I received this pretty crochet coaster from Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl, as part of my teacup gift package from her.
 I thought it was so dainty and so cute, and decided to make one myself.  Of course, one turned into...
another, and then tweaking the pattern.  I just added little picots to the shells on the finishing round.  And after making three of these cute coasters, it made me pursue in venturing out of my comfort zone, and making the heart coasters.
These were fun and quick to make and they look pretty, too!

Arizona Update
Things are running smoother now...yeah...knock on wood!

Yesterday, I met with our Church's Women's Guild weekly morning get together. It was a busy morning and it was so nice to get back to and feel useful!  I volunteered to become the new receptionist/welcome person for our group.  Not a hard job to do at all.  All I have to do is be there half and hour earlier (8:30 am) to greet the ladies as they come in and make sure they sign in, and also to welcome new comers (and potential new members) with a HAPPY and BIG SMILE!  I can do it!!!
The Guild is in full swing in getting ready for our yearly Fall Bazaar in less than two weeks!   Honestly, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Hubby is obsessed in getting the formal living and dining rooms tiled!!!  So after many months of planning and finally both us agreeing on the tile, we decided to go ahead with the project.  Yesterday he met with the "tiling person" and has scheduled the job.  So in about a week or so, we will be moving furniture (what we can move) and all of my breakables (dishes, crystal, glass, knick knacks, etc...) out of the way!!!  I'm looking forward to it though!!!  I think it will make the rooms look so much bigger, and best of all our doggies will have more room to roam.  They are off limits to any rooms with carpet...hehehe!!!

Good news: We haven't run the AC in the last two days!!!  Days are so much cooler and so nice...still wearing shorts!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Last of the Summer Hydrangeas

Right before we left Minnesota, our one blooming hydrangea was still full of blooms.  
So I decided to cut most of them and ended up with two full bouquets.  One bouquet for the office room, and

one for the living room,
above this corner hutch (right).

I just didn't want them to wither away and freeze outside in the beastly winter cold!!!

Arizona Update
Well...yesterday I had a couple of appointments and errands to run, and my car battery decided to just up and die!  It was 5 years old for crying out loud...What did I expect!?!  I had been so lucky it had lasted that long, and was not left stranded out in the middle of nowhere!!!

Hubby was out and about running his own errands and getting to his appointments as well, and I ended up having to call Roadside Assistance to get a jump start.

"So many men in my life, and not one of them are ever around when I need them!!!"
The story of my life I tell ya'.

The Roadside Assistance Guy finally showed up and gave my car a jump start, and it did was looking good so far...but NO it just wasn't good enough.  So I had to wait for Hubby to come home so that he could go out and get a new battery and install it...which he did...Thank God!!!

By the time my car was up and running almost like new, I was able to checked one thing off my long list: Take car to emissions.  Good News: It passed!!!  Yeah!!!
Okay...let's see how today goes!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

End of Summer Transitions

I'm happy to be back in Arizona.  It has been warm, rainy and a bit muggy, but not too bad!  We found the house like we never had left.
The transition of leaving one place for another gets pretty hectic, week before you leave and one week after we arrive our winter destination!  Closing and prepping one place for the winter is a lot of work, plus packing and traveling with four pets.  Then we get to our winter destination, and it gets busy all over again.  Opening house, dusting, grocery shopping, start the cars (and hoping the batteries have not died), checking house for any damages, doctor and vet's visits,...and the list goes on and on.  This will go on for about a week, and with the occasional pop of worry that we might have forgotten to do something very important at the old place...

And finally getting into our winter routine...ah...relax!

The last Sunday I was still in Minnesota, was our last local Farmers Market for the summer season.  I quickly stopped by to pick up some homemade jams and pickles to bring back with us.
~sorry for the dark picture~
I tried to pick up different kinds of jams this time.  I love rhubarb and strawberry jam, but I have never had just rhubarb jam...we'll see how good it is.  Also I picked up a tomato jam, that I was told by the farmer that it goes well with grilled or roasted pork or chicken...sounds good.  The other jam I got was raspberry and orange marmalade.  I've never had this combination together.  I love orange marmalade and have only had it this way.  I imagine it must be pretty tasty.  Lastly, I just had to get pickles!  A pantry is not complete without pickles!!!

I apologize if I had not popped in to visit, but will make sure I do and catch up with everyone!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gardening for Spring

Oh...tulips and allium for next spring...woo~hoo...
YIKES...tons of hard work and blisters!!!
I tend to chew more than I can bite...a lot of the time!!!
~sorry about the angle of this picture~
In my mind I have these great gardening ideas, but in reality I don't realize how much work it entails to get it done!!!  Digging, prepping soil, and planting bulbs was really hard work.  It took me about three different occasions to finally get 120 bulbs planted in addition to transplanting and dividing some lilies into this front and side area of the front yard.

I'm so happy I'm all done though, and knowing that come this spring I'll have beautiful colorful tulips in our garden and lilies too...YEAH...that is if the squirrels don't dig them up!!!  I used to think squirrels were so cute...not so much now anymore.

Ahhh...after a long day of physical hard work, I had the joy to finally sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea (or two) in my new teacup with a delicious baked treat from Hubby!
Life can't get any better!!!

Pink Saturday ~ How Sweet the Sound

Friday, October 16, 2015

Winter Home and Thrifty Finds

I'm back in Arizona for the winter, but it sure doesn't feel like autumn or winter!
It's sunny and warm and it feels good!!!  Our flight was a good one, and as we walked into our AZ home, it felt like we never left!

For today's post, it took place while I was still in Minnesota.
While out and about on the last weekend in Minnesota, I stopped at one garage sale and found 5 crochet doilies in excellent condition!
This doily is about the size of a dessert/salad plate, I thought it would make a great doily for my tea tray.
This small doily I'm using to display a tiny nativity that is out year round.
This swirly looking doily I placed on the coffee table in the living room.
This one I placed on the pie crust table, also in the living room, and finally...
this filet crochet one I placed on this very pretty carved folding table.
None of these doilies match, but I think it goes well with the decor in the living room.  Our furniture is pretty eclectic (old and vintagey...mostly handed down or inherited).

I paid 79 cents for the two small doilies, and about $1 each for the other three!  Like I mentioned before, they were in excellent condition (no tears or rips).  The minute I got home I washed, dried and ironed them, and knew exactly where to place them.

Hubby teases me that pretty soon he and our pets will be carrying a doily as well to fit in with our home's decor...whatever!

Friday Features Linky Party ~ Oh My Heartsie Girl

Thursday, October 15, 2015

AZ Bound...

That's a wrap...another great summer in Minnesota.

Here we spend our winter in sunny and warm Arizona...where the only thing we salt are our Margaritas!!!

BTW..."Sun Seekers" has now replaced the old term "Snow Birds"!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WOOF Pocket Letter from Deb

Isn't this the cutest Pocket Letter ever!!!
Deb from Garage Sale Gal made for me!!!  I just love it!!!
It's so stinking cute!!!  I'm speechless!
She captured the love I have for my Little Jack (right), and of course Little Daphne (left)!!!
Jack truly objects to being spoiled...just so you know!!!
This is the back with more cuteness overload!!!
Not only did Deb made the stunning WOOF PL, she also included more goodies, and a...
handmade pumpkin card...gorgeous!!!
Plus this pretty wrapped package of Christmas De~stash!!!
I didn't know exactly what de~stash stood for, but boy do I do now!!!
De~stash means you put together some of your craft stash that you already have in your crafting supplies and you share with someone for them to use!
I tell ya'...I'm always behind the new fads in crafting, but thanks to Deb, she keeps me up to date!!!

Thank you Deb!
You have no idea how much I love my WOOF PL and all the generous goodies!!!