Friday, October 24, 2014

Jack-O-Lantern Book

We're back in AZ!!!
It sure doesn't feel like fall here at all...sunny and warm and still in the 90"s!
I have spent the last couple of days housecleaning, and dusting and dusting and dusting...
and also adding a touch of a little bit of Halloween decor.
Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays.  I guess because it brings good childhood memories of the "good old days" when it was a fun safe holiday. 
When I first saw Diane's (An Extraordinary Daypumpkins made out of books, I knew I had to make one; that is after I could bring myself to destroy a book (even though I had no interest in reading) for this worthy craft.
The Jack-O-Lantern over the basement mantle is the first I made right before we left MN.  So...when we get back in May, our house there will still have a touch of fall.
One thing I learned while making these 2, was to make sure the book has between 200 to 250 pages.  Also (a must) have a glass filled with iced water just in case you burn yourself with the hot glue, like I did.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baby Hexagon Quilt

I recently discovered the art of English Paper Piecing quilts and loving it!!!
 I have been working on this "almost completed" quilt for a little over a month.  All I need is about 5-6 more green hexagons (2 inch each) to be done with the front of it.
I am making this hand sewn quilt for a new baby girl (new addition to our big family)  arriving sometime in November, and I need to finish it off stat!!!
So now I am off to the fabric store to get more green fabric and batting so I can put it all together and start hand quilting it before the stork gets here!!!

BTW...another baby is scheduled to arrive March 2015 and I'm already planning my next hexagon quilt; just waiting to hear if it's a boy or a girl.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Big Hexie Pincushion

 I finally made some time to make a quick BIG pincushion out of 3" x 3" hexagons.
  I needed a pincushion right next to my sewing machine to place pins in as I sewed.
 I used 8 hexagons from my already made stash, and...
and sewed it by hand.
Once sewn, I liked this side of the pincushion with the blue button better.

I'm planning on making Mom and Sis one each as a Christmas stocking gift using their favorite colors.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing in the Basement

I created a little crafting/sewing space down in our basement...nothing fancy at all, but good enough to create.
I'm organizing this area as I have a long ways to go!
 I started sewing a jelly roll quilt top and needed to see how it was coming along (pattern wise).  I didn't want to spread it out on the floor because then our kitties and dog would be all over it...not good!
 So I came up with an idea (right on the spot) to hang my work in progress on the wall.
I used these damage-free hanging strips with Velcro, and
 attached it to the back of clothespins, and 
onto the wall.
I started out with 2 clothespins and then added a third one as I added more strips to the quilt top.

I think this will work for the meantime, but I'm thinking of maybe putting up a pretty curtain rod with cafe curtain clips instead...that's an even better idea