Friday, December 7, 2012

Fresh Cut Friday

Alstromeria or Peruvian Lilies
I received this beautiful bouquet of alstromeria for my birthday.

Alstroemeria blooms symbolize true friendship and devotion.

The twisting leaves of alstroemeria symbolizes an everlasting bond between friends and lovers.

When exchange between friends, they represent a long-lasting relationship between the sender and the recipient. These flowers are also given to wish good luck, wealth and success, while starting out for a new venture in life.
I am joining Fresh Cut Friday at Liz's Rose Vignettes. Please stop by to see her "sweet little shaggy Spider Mums" and other bloggers' fresh cuts.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I finally retired from work!!!  I'm so ecstatic!!!  It took me about 2 weeks to finally realised that I won't be going back to work EVER!
So many things happened during the month of November: my retirement, my "BIG" birthday, a new addition to our family - Jack the Chihuahua, Thanksgiving, small retirement parties in my honor, and the start of a new phase in my life!!!

How did I do it before when I was working?  How does anyone find time to enjoy life and do all the things outside work? 
I am finding out that being retired is BUSY and the day goes by super fast.

Especially when you have a new little one!  Jack has been to the vet's and Dr. McAllister has determined that Jack is only about 4 months old and not 8 months old as we were told when he was given to us. 
He is a handful and so much FUN!  We had to "doggy proof" the house after he ended up in the emergency room.  Apparently, he got into Hubby's mixed nuts bowl and swallowed a huge almond.  Jack is only a little over 3 pounds!!!

...and this is how we usually spend our baby sitting him, shopping and running errands, going for "walkies", taking naps together, and Jack chasing our 2 cats and getting into mischief!

I highly recommend retirement! 
I have so many interests and want to keep active.  Also, spending more time with Hubby and doing things together!
I have worked so hard for so many years and missed out on so many things.  I know I am lucky and so very blessed to be able to now start a new life without worries, and it is up to me to make the most of it!

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