Saturday, February 27, 2016

So Behind

I go from having plenty of time to NONE!!!
I'm having a great time with my so called social life...but then it keeps me from replying to emails, doggies need a nail trim, kitties need their routine vet check up, garden/yard, and all of those pesky household chores, and most importantly swaps.  Yikes!!!
So today I will stay in my craft room and get to work on getting all of my swaps done!

The following are cards or altered art I received in the last couple of weeks:
Beautiful Valentine card from my friend Enedelia.  This card was not part of a swap.  It was super unexpected happy mail!!!

Valentine Tag from Jennalee from The Papered Soiree (instagram).

 Gorgeous tags (3) from Andrea R!
 You can go here to see the tags I sent her.

 Valentine Treat holder from Mary B.  Here's the one I sent her.

 Beautiful gate fold card I received from Cookie S.  
I need to mail her mine.

Gorgeous sketch card from Carol F.
I need to mail hers.

The following 5 cards are from a swap where we were to make a set of 5 (same/similar), and you would receive 5 different ones.  Here you will see the ones I made for this swap.


This absolutely stunning Diva card I received from Ti H.
 I'm almost done with Ti's Diva card.

Last but not least...
this very pretty monochromatic pink card is from Laura J.
I need to mail hers.

I feel terrible about not being on time with mailing out my swaps.
I have decided to slow down and learn to say "no" when asked to help out.  I realized I can do so much, and now I'm so stressed out... :-(

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Romance is Still Alive

I am happy to report that romance is still alive at the Ohlson's!!!
My Valentine card to my Sweet made by Moi!
 Hubby surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers he put together.  Believe me I was really surprised by his lovely and thoughtful gesture since he has been so grumpy lately...LOL!!!
My Valentine of 28+ years!
Oh yes we surely did dress down to sit down at the table...LOL!!!  Dinner was prepared by the Hubs.
And now for a total cuteness finale, please meet my Sister's new and only furry baby Chico!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

February Calendar Swap

I signed up for a monthly calendar swap.  We swap a monthly calendar with the same partner throughout the year.  These calendars are displayed in a CD case.
I joined starting the month of February, so this is my first calendar made.  I hope my partner likes 

Note: To make the CD case stand up you will need to gently take apart and snap it together backwards. Try it. 
To fit in the CD case the size of card must be: 4 5/8 inches WIDE by 5 3/8 TALL. 

Today I'm going to my monthly Make & Take...I can't wait to see what we create today!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Have you ever met someone out of the blue and just connected and it feels like you've always known each other and have lots of things in common with?

Two months ago I met Mary at our Church group and it was instant friendship!  We found out that we are neighbors (she lives down the street from me); she comes from the Minneapolis area; she's a talented quilter, and also a beginner golfer like me. We also have similar likes and dislikes.

We are both part of the Sewing Group at Church.  She's such a great asset to our group.  You don't tell her twice, and she's done with a project or request right away!  She made about 10 lap quilts to be donated to Veterans.  They turned out beautifully and they were very much appreciated by the nursing home.

 Mary made this very cute throw pillow for me!  She knows I love my wine!
She made a beautiful wine quilt (which I love!), and she used some of the leftover fabric for my pillow.
I am blessed to have few but very good friends!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pom Pom Luggage Tags

I have always thought pom poms were the cutest things ever invented!  I remember this pair of slippers I had as a child that had this huge fluffy pink pom pom on each slipper...I just loved them!!!

Last week I had to learn how to make pom poms and it reminded me of my pom pom slippers and how much I loved to wear them!  
I have been volunteering in our Church's little shop (Clementique)  twice a month for a about two hours at a time.  Our shop sells many handmade items that the Church Ladies donate for our shop to sell (funds from these sales go towards charity).  From curly knitted scarves, crochet afghans, quilts, kitchen scrubbies, and so many other beautifully handcrafted items.  I can always find something different and new!

We had a request for 20 luggage pom pom tags from one of our parishioners.  This lady is going on a Girls' Cruise trip, and she is giving each of her friends one pom pom luggage tag.  Our shop was completely out of them.  I was asked if I could make them, and of course I said YES!!!  After watching a YouTube tutorial, and a couple of tries, they were not hard to make at all!
 Each pom pom will have this Traveler's Prayer tag attached.
The ladies will be able to tie their pom pom onto their piece of luggage so they'll recognize it as it comes down the chute (I think that's what you call it).  The colors are bright and I tried to make them really tight, full and fluffy.
Bon Voyage Ladies!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine Treat Holder

 I made this treat holder for a Valentine treat swap.  
I had always wanted to make another one.  I learned to make one years ago, and it was for Halloween and I remember how cute it turned out to be. 
I hope my swap partner likes it!

Golf: Today I get to play golf again with the Women's 9-hole Group.  Last week was so cold...brrr...sunny and breezy, and we all blamed the weather for our game...LOL!  So far I'm really enjoying it.  Last Friday I had my third golf lesson, and the most important thing is to practice, practice and more practice.  In my case I need to learn to relax and not grip the club too hard!!!  

Church: Sunday was Coffee & Donut Sunday, and it was the Women's Guild group's turned to help serve after each of the three masses.  I helped served after the the 7:00 am mass. I actually enjoy doing this as well.  I like to meet other church members and their families; and the donuts are so good!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Love is in the Air

February is such a happy sweet month in my opinion.
Hearts, chocolate, pinks and reds, Valentine cards, friendship and love!
 It was time to add a touch of Valentine decor to our dining room.
A few of my Valentine collectibles.
This is one of my many favorite Charming Tails figurines...Sweets!
I changed the china in the hutch and displayed these pretty cherry blossoms!
Lots of red hearts in the crystal and of course,
must have candles for a romantic dinner.
Now what to make for dinner?
I feel like having Red Velvet Cake!!!  I'm an adult and I can have anything I want for dinner now.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Puppy Love Valentine Card

I'm so glad to be able to have time and get back to blogging again!  I missed doing this so much!

I received the cutest St. Valentine's card in the mail from Deb.
Deb thank you so much...I love it!!!
 This card is simply too precious for words!  I love every thing about it...puppy tag, vintage Valentine cards, and the card itself!!!
 ~inside of card~
See the handwriting on the back of the vintage card?  Precious!
 It's obvious why I named Deb's card Puppy Love Valentine card .
The Chihuahua tag is adorable...looks so much like my little Jack & Daphne!

Deb does such a wonderful job in making anything she makes so very special.  Thank you Deb for making my day!   I have your card by my computer and every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gift Card Holder

I have been playing around in my craft room and making different kinds of cards for upcoming birthdays.
My first try was making a simple gift card holder.  I have seen these kind of cards and I think they look so cute and make it extra special for the recipient.
~inside of card~
I tweaked my card compared to the one in this tutorial.  Once I got the measurements and scoring right, it was pretty easy to make.  
I hope that by the end of today I can finish the 3 cards sitting on my craft table...of course each card will be decorated differently!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Forever in my Heart

I see hearts everywhere I go!
It must be that St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner!
 I made this card for an Easel Card Swap last month on Happy LadyBug Card Swap Facebook Group.
 ~inside of easel card~

 I love making these type of cards.  For some reason I become a little more creative with them.  I can add lots of layers and embellishments without making the card look too overly my opinion.

This is the easel card I received from my swap partner.  Makes me look forward to spring!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Coffee Card Swap

It's another gorgeous sunny day here, but pretty frigid for us Desert Rats...brrr!

 I made this coffee card that holds little packets of instant coffee for my swap partner Tammy.
 It's the size of a regular coaster.  I used a stamp set that I have and never ever had used it!  I knew that one day it would become handy.
I included a little note card with a tab, and different kinds of instant coffee packets.
Enjoy a hot cup of coffee Tammy!

I received this coffee card from Tammy.
The sentiment describes me so well!

Taxes:  Good news...We are actually getting a refund...phew!!!  So happy we don't owe them!  BTW...the Margaritas (2) were so good!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!