Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Tulips in MN

My MN bulbs are blooming!!!
 I'm so happy to report that all of my hard work last fall has sprung into beautiful colorful tulips!!!
Here are the 2 bags of tulips and allium I purchased last fall at Costco.  

Hubby sent me these 2 pictures of our garden in near bloom.  Hubby is already in MN, but I don't get there until mid May.  I'm hoping that I might get a chance to see some tulips by the time I get there!!!
Also my fingers are ready to get dirty and start planting my summer flowers. 

Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Newest Teacup

 I have been enjoying drinking my daily decaf herbal tea from my newest teacup and saucer.  I love the yellow roses design and color.
It comes from a set of 6 teacups and saucers I found at our Church's Rummage Sale last month for $6!  No chips, cracks or stains found.
 The teapot which looks so very similar to my new teacup set, are not related in the least bit; but they sure look like it!  I found the teapot at a garage sale last year for $5; again in excellent condition.

I have gotten into the habit of setting a tea tray on the kitchen counter every evening with the following day's tea of choice.  I usually have my tea mid afternoon or after dinner.  I have noticed that it helps me from craving a sweet dessert.  I'm not in the habit of having dessert after dinner, but once in a while I get a very strong craving for something sweet, chewy and delicious.

I think my teacup display is now complete, or is it?

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fabric and Burlap Cards

 I participated in a card swap where we were to use fabric or burlap.  I chose fabric since I didn't have any burlap.  I used the Sizzix Flower Layers diecut for the fabric flowers.
For the interior of card, I added a small fabric flower for embellishment.  We are to leave the inside blank. 

My swap partner Ebony made this adorable burlap bee card for me.  She is great at creating beautiful cards and adding wonderful detail to her artwork.  I hope that she and I get to swap again very soon!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thinking of You Norma

  Our dear neighbor's husband passed away over two weeks ago after a long illness.  I made this sympathy card for her.  We have known Norma and Darrell for almost 9 years.  They have been the absolute best of neighbor's anyone could have.
~interior of card~

This type of card is called an easel card.
The designer paper has this beautiful flocked black flower design, and all I did was add a punched bird with branches to add the finishing touch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mickey Mouse PL Swap

Mayra and I have become Pocket Letter Swap Pen Pals, and this is the PL she sent to me in March.  Mayra makes the best PL's!!!
We both decided to do a Mickey Mouse PL, and then we'll continue with the rest of the characters.
 Mayra used a big doily to beautifully wrap my Mickey Mouse PL.
 She handmade this gorgeous tag which I simply adore!!!
 So stinking cute!!!
Mayra is way too generous with all of her goodies she shared with me.

Now, this is the Mickey Mouse Pocket Letter I made for her:
 I decoupaged a small puzzle and cut it to fit the PL insert.  I made a huge spelling error and didn't catch until after I had mailed Mayra's PL to her.  Can you spot it?  It's suppose to spell: M-O-U-S-E...argh!!!
~back of PL with goodies~

Now I better start working on the next PL for her...

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Meeting Bloggy Friend

I had the great pleasure of meeting Deb, Sharing Interests and Life, for the very first time.
She and her husband spent a week in the Phoenix Valley, to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Deb's personality is very bubbly and positive, and I instantly connected with her.
We first met through a swap we both participated in and the rest is history.  We hope to meet again this coming November in MN.  

I made this Patriotic card for a swap I participated in Happy LadyBug Card Swaps.

This is the Patriotic card I received from my partner Donna.

Women's Guild~Church: Last Friday was our annual Fashion Show which I happened to modeled 2 outfits (casual & formal).  The fashion show was a great success, and the best part was that I was able to conquered stage phobia!
More pictures to come as soon as I get them from our very own program photographer this coming Wednesday.

Food Truck Fridays: Last Friday evening I joined the Girlz and went to Old Town Peoria Food Truck Friday...a first.  It was a very pleasant evening and the food was very good.  I tried a Blackened Catfish Jamburrito...yum!
This coming Friday, there's another Food Truck Friday but will be taking place at the Peoria Sports concert, free admission, and the best part is that my Little Jack can join me and not stay home all alone!

Hair~Cut/Style & Color:  I so needed a haircut and coloring, and I finally had it done!  It's shorter and ready for the summer!!!

Dreaded Yearly Doctor Appointment: I'm so glad it's over and done with, but happy to report I'm OKAY!!!  All I have to do is cut back on carbs....NO!  I love bread!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Little Cup of Tea

 If you are cold,
tea will warm you-
If you are heated,
it will cool you-
If you are depressed,
it will cheer you-
If you are excited,
it will calm you.
~William E. Gladstone
 If life were predictable,
it would cease to be life
and be without flavor.
~Eleanor Roosevelt
My best friend is the
one who brings out
the best in me.
~Henry Ford

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Teacup Swap from Ronny

I participated in Stephanie's 8th. Tea Cup and Mug Exchange and the reveal day has finally come!
I believe this is my 5th or 6th time I have participated.  This is such a fun party Stephanie hosts and its a wonderful way to meet someone new, and hopefully make a lasting friendship.
Ronny picked and sent me this beautiful pink teacup and saucer all the way from Utah.
It was with such joy to open her beautifully tissue and lace wrapped box from Ronny.
She handmade the pink card and roses envelope and very pretty bookmark.  
I was so pleased and it was such a treat to read Ronny's handwritten letter to me.  I honestly can't remember when did I last received a very well handwritten letter.  It surely beats text messages and emails.
Ronny and I have many things in common we enjoy doing; and one of them is crafting.  She handmade this beautiful bookmark.  Doesn't it look like lace?  But this art form is called Parchment Craft.  She also handmade the pink card above using this technique.
I have not tried this technique before and I think I might in the near future.
Ronny included this tiny book called A Little Cup of Tea as part of my gifts.  It was the perfect finishing touch for my my teacup wall display!
Thank you so much Ronny!!!  I was very blessed that you had me as your swap partner.

Also, I want to thank Stephanie, The Enchanting Rose, for hosting this wonderful party and for all of the hard work that you put in making it a success!

My Mug Swap Partner I sent to is Carol Vandevanter this is what I sent to her:
I got into the spirit of wrapping Carol's teacup package for her, that I completely forgot to take before pictures.  Luckily I did take a picture of her teacup and saucer...phew!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coffee Mug Reveal from Heather

I participated in Stephanie's 8th. Tea Cup and Mug Exchange and the reveal day has finally come!
I have previously participated in the Tea Cup Exchange but never signed up for the Mug Exchange part of it.
I received this very pretty mug from Heather, Organic Mom Vintage (on Instagram) and Organic Mom Heather (on Pinterest).  
My prettily decorated jammed full box was filled with so many wonderful and neat things from Heather!  I love it all...from the coffee bag, tea bags, card, and vintage napkin and potholder!!!  BTW...the chocolate bar is gone!!!  
Heather included this beautiful vintage apron!!!  How lucky am I!  It's currently on display in my kitchen.
Thank you so much Heather!!!
Also, I want to thank Stephanie, The Enchanting Rose, for hosting this wonderful party and for all of the hard work that you put in making it a success!

My Mug Swap Partner I sent to is Elizabeth, Simple Pleasures, and this is what I sent to her:
Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wiper Card

I learned to make a new card fold/technique called wiper card for a card swap.  It was not hard at all to follow the step-by-step tutorial (written & video).  I really like how my card turned out.
I added an insert on the back of the card, so the sender can write a message.

Women's Guild~Church: Besides catching up with swaps and working in my craftroom, I have been busy with the Ladies' Guild activities at church: Rummage Sale and the upcoming Fashion Show which I'll be modeling 2 outfits this coming Friday...I've never done this and I'm very nervous!!!  Also, our Sewing/Craft Group (within the Guild) have our summer all planned for us.  We are going to be working on sewing and crafting for our annual Christmas Bazaar in early November.  We're a busy group!!! 

Golf: I'm happy to report that I finally have a handicap...not a good one, but I have one...LOL!!!  I'm in the C-Seed Group.  I'm still having a good time and would like to improve my game.

Spring Cleaning:  I'm currently thoroughly spring cleaning and purging our home, one area at a time! So far I have 5 bags full of books to donate to our church's small library.  Hubby and I don't get rid of our most favorite books though.  The one thing I'm avoiding to do is wash our windows...they're a pain to do, but a must do on my list!!!

PHd or WIPs: I have set a goal for myself to finish all of my projects half done or work in progress before I leave to MN for the summer!!!  Wish me luck!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blooming Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks from my Mother's garden in full bloom!
It is up to you,
to see the beauty of
Everyday things.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

Sunday morning I tried a new easy breakfast recipe that I found at The Gunny Sack (via Pinterest).

I am not disappointed!!!  It is actually very good and so perfect to serve the kids!

You can find the recipe here.
Of course, I added a little dash of this and that to spice it up a little bit more to my taste.  I used Maple pork sausage instead of the regular one the recipe called for.  I did not add oil to the skillet while cooking the sausage; that in my mind eliminates extra fat.  I also added a small chopped onion to the sausage while cooking.  To the egg mixture I added 2 extra eggs, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, hot sauce, and garlic powder, plus black pepper & salt to taste.

Also, when I lined the tater tots on the cast iron skillet, I did not greased it; and left the tater tots an extra 8-10 minutes in the oven to crisp up more.  I did not use all of the 2 cups of shredded cheese, but just enough to cover the layers.  Last but not least I did not sprinkle the crumbled cooked bacon.  I'm pretty sure the bacon must make it taste even better, but I did not have any...perhaps next time...I didn't miss it.

Maybe I should called this dish Deconstructed Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza...this casserole has so many possibilities: make it Southwestern by adding green chilies, Denver by adding bell pepper and mushrooms, ...
Any suggestions?  I hope you try it!

You may want to visit The Gunny Sack for more delicious recipes...and then make them your own like I did...LOL!!!

Julie's Lifestyle ~ Cooking & Crafting with J & J #47

Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

All About Me PL

...well almost ALL!!!
Ashley and I have become PL swap partners and we'll be swapping every other month.  She's a PL Newbie and I think she's now hook!
This PL I made for Ashley is a little different than what I have made in the past.  I usually create ATC's, but for this one I actually handmade some of the things I enjoy doing: crochet, sewing, hexie quilting, quilt making, stamping/card making and knitting; as well as reading and gardening.
 ~back of PL with goodies~
Ashley is a young woman and she and I have so many things in common.

To learn more about Pocket Letters you may go to Janette Lane's Pocket Letter

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pocket Letter Swaps Received

I have received 4 beautiful Pocket Letters from Ladies I swap with.
 This gorgeous one is from Larissa in Germany.  The theme of her PL is about where she lives in Germany.
 ~back of Larissa's PL filled with goodies~

 This is Ashley's very first PL ever.  The theme we picked was All About Me so that we get to know each other a little better.
 ~back of Ashley's PL~

 This is the second PL I have received from Larissa.  I just love it!
 ~back of Larissa's PL~

 Last but not least, Tammi's very cheerful PL!!!
~back of PL filled with fun goodies to work with~

So today I will work on PL's for these wonderful creative Ladies!  I'm sure I have other things I really need to do, but this is more fun!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!