Monday, August 6, 2018

Home Sweet Home

It has been a while since I have been a little crafty...okay a l o n g time!
This summer I haven't had much of chance to go out and do a little antiquing or stopping by garage sales.
I did get lucky stopping by this one estate sale and finding this cute and simple handmade cross-stitched HOME SWEET HOME sampler for 25 cents.  I was saddened to realize that this little piece of artwork wasn't cherished enough by its family for keep sakes.  I snatched it up quickly and I knew exactly what to do with it.
Last summer I had gotten the oval brass picture frame, of course at another estate sale, and knew that some day it would come in handy.
Today was that day!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer Wildflowers

My Mother is spending the summer here in Minnesota for the first time ever.  Also it's her first time visiting this beautiful state.  She cannot get over the fact how green and lush our summers are here; needless to say, she's enjoying her time here with us.

Mother is an early riser and loves morning walks.  Yesterday morning she came home with this beautiful wildflower bouquet (plus 2-3 yellow lilies from our garden) she collected from her morning walk.  One thing Mother loves are flowers (and gardening, too)!!!
It's really nice waking up to find a lovely and simple flower bouquet at our table.
Thanks Mom!  

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Beauties

~2018 Peony flower bouquet from our summer garden~
This year our peony plants did not produce a lot of blooms, but those that bloomed were simply beautiful!
I arrange our pretty peonies in a thrifted silver coffee pot, which I cleaned with regular toothpaste (since I was out of silver polish).
I think the reason the peonies didn't bloom was lack of sunshine.  Due to this, I will have to transplant most of the plants to a sunnier location in our garden before summer ends this year.  It sure will be a humongous task for me!!!

Since I last posted, my life has been pretty hectic which prevented me from taking time to myself: Hubby's health, Mother, pets, family, and more bumps in life.
I'm hoping that things will run smoothly from here on, so I can enjoy my summer at peace.

I must remember to follow this on a daily basis:
There is nothing wrong with taking a break from everything, and concentrating on yourselfmyself.
You areI am not responsible for fixing everything that is broken.
YouI don't always have to try making everyone else happy.
Make yourmy own happiness and peace of mind a priority.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Few Easter Cards

Here are a few of my Easter cards I mailed out this year.
I think this is my favorite image.  I just love the loving look Mr. gives his Mrs!

I mailed the card on the right to my sister.

 This adorable card went to my friend Arleen.
Arleen is currently suffering from really horrible migraine headaches, and is going through some medical testing.  I'm praying she finds relief pretty quickly.

I really didn't do much stamping except for the stamped sentiment inside each card.  I took the easy route out, and used this really pretty designer paper with the Easter images.  I simply did a lot of layering, punching and added a variety of embellishments to make each card unique. 
I forget how much fun and constructive it is for me when I spend time in my craft room.  I need to do this more often.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Easter Card from Deb

I received this beautiful Easter card from Deb, Garage Sale Gal.
Thank you Deb for your beautiful card and all of the goodies!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Day!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Celebrating 30 Years Together

 A "Perfect Marriage"...
 is just two imperfect people who refuse to...
give up on each other!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Heartfelt Thoughts

 I made this card for a lady in our golf league who recently lost her husband.  They had been married like forever, and it just broke my heart.
"We are all just walking each other HOME."
~Dam Rass
The stamp set is from Stampin' Up! called Heartfelt Blooms.  The ink is called Dapper Denim.

Monday, March 26, 2018

More Rosemary & DIY Recycle

I have fallen in love with Bath & Body Works all over again.
I love their lotions and especially their candles.  I recently burned a Georgia Peach candle from them, and our home smell so good!!!  Georgia On My Mind was all I could think about and eating sweet juicy peaches while the candle burned.
I was smart enough not throwing away the empty glass jar and upcycled it for something useful.  At the time I couldn't think how I could use the jar for, but it came to me.  I liked the peachy color of the glass container and thought that adding some ribbon or lace would pretty it up.  I had some leftover burlap lace ribbon from the Dollar Tree and's my recycled pretty glass jar holding some fresh rosemary from our garden.
Rosemary smells divine this time of year...actually year round for us here in Arizona.  It's also one of the most aromatic and tastiest herb added to just about any type of roast...chicken, lamb or pork...yummy yum!
The vintage daisy napkin was a gift from a swap I participated couple of years ago.  The Easter Egg tablecloth I found at a garage sale or thrift store (can't remember now), but I think this is the first year I'm finally using it on our kitchen table.  It was a nice surprise re-discovering it this year!
Every time a little cool breeze blew in from the opened window, the freshly cut rosemary scent wafted throughout the house,
Spring is definitely here!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring FabFitFun Box

Believe it or not I felt like a teenager when I opened my very first
spring box!!!
I finally gave in and treated myself to a girly treat and I was not disappointed!
I absolutely love everything in my spring box...I can't decided which is my favorite.
There was a little hiccup though with my box:
My clutch came without a tassel and I did not received the candle in my package.  I called customer service and explained my dilemma.  I was reassured that I will be receiving my candle later on.  Apparently they're awaiting a candle back order; and as soon as they receive it, I shall be getting my missing candle.
I will also be getting a new clutch with a tassel any day now; and the best part is that I can keep the defective "tasseless" clutch!  How nice is that!  I will figure how I can fix the broken zipper gadget that holds the tassel and add a coordinating color tassel to it!!!

In the meantime I have been trying on all of the different shades of lipsticks; and can't wait to wear my pink dangly earrings!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Annual Huge Book Sale & Lunch

I finally got a chance to go to the annual VNSA Book Sale...and it is HUGE since moving to the Phoenix Valley!!!
Since 1957, the VNSA has been annually hosting this HUGE book sale!
VSNA originally started out as the Visiting Nurses Service Auxiliary (non-profit) to Volunteer Non-Profit Service Association.
Their mission is to provide financial resources to our Arizona Maricopa County human service agencies through their annual used book sale.
Over 130 volunteers are responsible for a section...from children's books, romance to travel.  When the sale closes on Sunday, all of the books not sold are stored in boxes and shipped overseas or sold for scrap paper.  None of the books are saved for next year's sale.  It is so well organized and the volunteers are super helpful and nice.
Thanks to Kate who arranged this trip to the book sale, Gin and I went crazy picking up books that we were interested in.
This picture only shows you some of our books we came home.  There are more in the back seat.  Kate spent a whopping $50!!!
We went on Sunday, which was their last day of the sale and everything was half-priced!!!
It was a little overwhelming for me because it was crowded, and I don't do well in crowded places, but I think I managed to stay cool and get myself oriented and browse through some books I was interested in.
Ever since reading Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island.
I picked some books for Hubby, but mostly for myself.  Being the last day of the sale, most books I was interested in were slim pickings.  I was really interested in getting a ton of Amish books by Shelley Shepard Gray, but there wasn't one to be available.  I found out that these type of books are super popular right now.  I just recently discovered her books and can't put them down!!!
I also bought a stack of Little Golden Books for a project I'll be working on in the near future.
I came home with a big canvas bag full of books for a total of $8!!!  Most books were originally for $0.50 to a $1.
Next year we plan on going back, but with a wagon big enough to haul more books!

All that shopping made us hungry, so on our way back...
we stopped at Grand Canyon University's Canyon 49 Grill for lunch.
I was super impressed by the whole experience.  GCU is a beautiful campus, and their restaurant was really nice and the food was excellent, even though we just had a hamburger.
This would be a great place to stop and have lunch or dinner anytime.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Girls Day Out, Wine & Painting

From left to right: Sue, Moi, Gin & Kate, enjoying our first of wine tasting before painting.
Back in January us four Girlz attended our first wine & painting class and we had a great time!  I believe it was a first for all of us.
  We each painted two winter snowy scenes with cardinals on wineglasses.  Here is my one and only perfect cardinal on my two glasses.
Sue supervising Kate's artwork, and 
Gin and I super happy after our third or four glass of wine!
We really enjoy our wine and painting class, and plan on attending another class where we get to paint on canvas.  We are very lucky that these type of classes are held super close to our home at the Winery 101.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mani/Pedi for Spring

I finally decided to give myself a mani/pedi treat using the gel nail technique, and I have to say I love it!
~via Pinterest~
Not my nails, but an inspiration for my nail person to kind of copy.

  My sister's mani from her fabulous Nail Tech Tiffany, which I always love admiring.  She has been going to Tiffany's for the last seven years.
So I decided to go with Tiffany; but she is currently away on her honey moon!
My pedi and ...
 mani not by Tiffany.
I couldn't wait for her to get back, so I just got them done by another nail tech.  So as soon as she gets back in two weeks from her honey moon,  I'll make sure I see her for a refill.
In the meantime, ...
 I'll be making sure I wear my cute rubber gloves to protect my nails.
I found these adorable rubber gloves at the 99 Cent Store.  These gloves are pretty good quality and darn adorable!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome Spring & Stamping

~Stunningly beautiful~
 I received this beautiful orchid plant from Hubbie on Valentine's Day.
I just can't believe how beautiful it is, and that it is still so full of flowers.

These are my four cards I made at Vivian's March Make-&-Take.
Which one is your favorite?  
I think this is mine...that is if I don't change my mind!
I usually can never leave Vivian's without placing an order...I can't help it!
I love using the grid pad of paper while making cards or other projects.  Five new in-color ink pads, and my newest scalloped tag topper punch.  It will be a breezed to make tags and bookmarks now.  The Party Panda set of stamps was a freebie for placing an order!
I love good and cute free stuff!
Free printable from Ann Sutton at On Sutton Place
I know Valentine's Day came and went, but I still love this pretty printable.
Share Your Cup Thursday #285

Monday, March 19, 2018

New Coffee Mug Tree Rack

This is our little coffee station nook in our tiny kitchen showing off its new coffee mug/cup tree rack.  Finally all of our coffee supplies are in one spot.
The Longaberger lidded basket holds our coffee filters.  We still have a small 4-cup coffee maker and it does the job for us since we are just morning coffee drinkers.  Lately though I've been getting the itch to update to a single cup Keurig machine.
Our coffee of choice for several years now is Medaglia D'Oro Espresso Italian Roast ground coffee...delicious!!!
I found it at Walmart, and I love it! 
As of right now it's holding an array of different cups.  My plan is to hang seasonal/holiday mugs according to the season.  I plan to be on the lookout for these type of mugs at garage sales or thrift stores.
While I was at Walmart, I got a glimpse of the Pioneer Woman's new collection of cups and I really love the bright colors and design, and I think they would fit perfectly with our kitchen.
I needed a spoon holder for my coffee tray, so I recycled a used candle votive by simply adding this pretty burlap and lace ribbon.  I used hot glue gun to adhered the ribbon.
This is the candle votive I recycled...from Dollar Tree.

This cute Cinnamon spice jar is a recent acquisition.  I found it a garage sale for 25 cents!!!  I also came home with the Paprika and Nutmeg spice jars.  At the bottom of each jar, Made in Japan is stamped.
I just recently got into the habit of adding a sprinkle or two of ground cinnamon to my morning coffee.  It's super tasty, and apparently cinnamon curbs the appetite.  I sure hope so!!!!