Wednesday, June 26, 2019

April Shower Sampler

This year I participated for the first time in the annual Stitch Maynia madness which is actually pretty fun and the best part is there are no rules!
I started this sampler on May 1st. and by mid May I worked on it off and on.  About 3 days ago I decided that it was time to finally get it done … and so I did!
This is my first sampler and I enjoyed stitching it.  While stitching during the month of May, I watched lots of YouTube Flosstube videos, and learn so many techniques and tips along the way.  This actually came in pretty handy and as I followed along the way, and is slowly and surely improving my stitching. 

I must confessed that I did not followed the chart to a T.  For example: I used floss colors on hand, several mistakes were not fixed (like not counting correctly or missing a stitch), improvised errors, and so on.
Right now I'm just happy I finished something this big!  I simply framed it for now, and maybe later on I will Priscillify it.
I know it's not a July cross stitch theme, but since it has the American flag, I thought it would work here for now.
I'm recycling a square frame I've had for years and in storage, and gave it new life.  The stand was a gift from Hobby Lobby.  The Aida fabric came from a thrifty find.  I found over 2 yards at my favorite thrifty store for a great price.  It was white, but I tea dyed it...a first for me!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Americana Rag Garland

I'm just loving making these pretty easy rag garlands!!!
After spring was over, I put away the spring rag garland I had here.  It left this piece of furniter pretty bare, and decided it was time to make another garland.
This plaque fits perfectly color wise with my Americana décor.
I find this quote too funny, and it surely warns our guests how we roll!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

DIY Tiny Pincushion

I made this tiny pincushion using an espresso cup I found for 25 cents at a garage sale a while back.
Whenever I see little tiny cups like these, I usually get them thinking that I may use it in a future crafty creation.
My sister happened to be visiting me a little while ago and she saw this other pincushion I'd made out of a tiny picture frame, and she liked it so much that I promise her I would make one for her, but that it would be a surprise.
This is her surprise and she said she loved it!
I added some safety pins, two straight pins and an altered decorated hat pin for her.  My sister is not into any type of crafts, but I told her it would be perfect for her to keep it in her closet whenever she wants to stick pins that sometimes come in new clothing packaging, or a handy needle and thread whenever she may need to sew a button.

It was super simple to make!  I filled the cup with rice, which will helps sharpen pins and needles.  Then I made the yellow cushion (double lined with fabric) and stuffed it with fiberfill making the cushion pretty taut and full.
I then  used hot glue to adhere the cushion to the brim of the cup.  I used ric rac to decorate and also to cover the imperfections between cup and cushion.

One of these days I plan on dedicating a whole day where I complete as many pincushions as I can, and have them handy as gifts!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Witch Stitchy

Isn't this Summer Witch the cutest and sweetest!!!
I loved stitching her, even with mistakes and all.
I actually call her The No-Neck Summer Witch due to the fact that I forgot to add the one single cross stitch for her neck; and I wasn't about to rip it 🐸.  I discovered my error when I was doing the final stitching which happened to be the hair.

I used Priscilla's finishing inspiration with my own touches.  I mounted my stitch project over a 4"x4" chipboard coaster covered with quilting batting; and the rest I simply followed Priscilla & Chelsea's finishing touches on YouTube tutorial.
I made a yo-yo flower from fabric on hand.
I did changed the  floss colors that the chart asked for.  The chart is a freebie and one of a series by The Snowflower Diaries.
All of the supplies used here come from my craft room stash.  I love this kind of projects that do not require me to go shopping for.  As you know I do craft & thrift stores and garage sales shopping, and I buy things that I think I can use for a future crafty need.

My first Stitchy Witch was the SpringWitch, which I just realized I never posted:
My sister loved it so much, so I gave it to her.

 Since I knew she would like the Summer Witch, I went ahead and stitched an extra one just  for her.    I'm almost done finishing it, and making it in her choice of colors.  So you will be seeing that in a future post.

Now if only I can get back to stamping!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Patriotic Vignette

After a long search to find a rustic toolbox, I finally found not just one, but 2!!!!
This toolbox was only $4.  The second toolbox was $1, which I will show at another post.
Once I brought it home I was stumped as how I would do with it.  After two weeks sitting in the garage, I finally knew how I would use it.
I gave it a good cleaning, and decided to display my Raggedy Ann and friends.
 I lined the toolbox with an American flag and a crochet doily I made; and to finish it off, I attached the glittered stars garland  from the Dollar Tree, and a blue star I've had for years.
So far I'm happy with my simple and easy display.
This is where I placed my toolbox!
I decorated the top of our bookshelf with the lantern I made a couple of years ago.  I added my treasured very rustic Raggedy Ann and Andy.
 The two cross stitched frames come from my favorite local thrift store at a great price each - $2.50!
I think they're just perfect for this 4th of July display!
Please excuse my flip flops and hat.  I keep them on the ready right next to the door that goes out into the back patio.  The paper garland is from the 99¢ Store, which I have been meaning to completely decorate (altered/embellish).
I just noticed that I don't have Andy!!!  I have no idea where Andy is, and also I just noticed that the one o  country rag doll's eye is missing🙄
This is just a tip as to how my life has been rolling lately!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Patriotic Rag & Ribbon Wreath

 Several weeks ago I made a Rag & Ribbon Flag, and I had leftover strips of fabric and ribbon; so I decided to make a wreath with it!
I am happy with my so called creation and it was so easy to make and cheap, too.
First I put together the rag & ribbon garland, and then I simply attached it to the wreath.  At first it reminded me of a dream catcher, and felt it needed a little more embellishing.  I raided my craft stash and found red gingham ribbon and a bow, and lastly added the Americana sign and star …
… and here it is hanging from our entry closet door!
The gingham ribbon and wreath are a thrifty find from my nearby thrift store, and the wire sign from the Dollar Tree.

I am just trying to keep busy this summer and craft to ignore the heat.
I'm currently working on recycling/upcycling grocery plastic bags and making plarn = plastic+yarn.
I can't wait to show you what I plan to crochet with it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Patriotic Thrifty Find

I love stopping by this one local thrift store close by at least once a week.  I just never know if I'll find a thrifty treasure to bring home or not! 
This patriotic cross stitch piece of artwork was my thrifty find about two weeks ago for $2!!!  Not only is it cross stitched, but beaded as well. It will go perfectly for my 4th of July décor.
For the month of June all frames are 50% off (plus other selected merchandise).  At the end of May I had spotted this patriotic frame but it was $4 … and surely worth every penny...   but I only had so much to spend that day, so it didn't come home with me.
Shopping at thrift stores you must make a decision right away, because  most of the time if you don't get something you really like right there and then, forget about going back to get it.
This piece of Evenweave 28 count linen was only $2!!!  OMG … it made my day!  I hadn't found any nice cross stitch fabric in a while.  It measures 24" x 25".   Normally a 15" x 18" goes for about $9.  So this was a major score!!!

Next time I post, I'll share this two very rustic toolboxes that I intend to use in my décor … that was another great find!!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Phoebe ...

Phoebe, our beautiful sweet loving polydactyl kitty passed away June 6, 2019.
It just about broke my heart.
Phoebe was a mastermind at finding excellent hiding places throughout our home.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Welcome June

I am so happy how my June cross stitch Hands On Design-A Year of Celebrations turned out!
I decided to use my own floss color choices instead of the ones called for.  I was inspired to cross stitch my summer months in a patriotic theme instead.
I mounted my finished June piece over a chipboard coaster … I believe it's about 4" x 4".  
The blue polka dotted lace, I found while I was going through my lace stash. It felt like shopping all over again!
The pinwheel embellishment is from a paper straw decoration, and I used a red heart brad to hold it together atop a simple ribbon bow.  This whole project was hand sewn. I attached it to a small Michaels metal chalkboard stand I got about two months ago on sale.

I'm really enjoying the art of cross stitch.  It's very therapeutic for me.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Patriotic Summer Plans

It has been over a month since my last post.
In that period of time I thought anything that could go wrong would ... and it actually did.  It was hard to deal with it all, but I can say that today I can actually breathe a sigh of relief.  Most importantly is that my Hubby is doing so much better health wise.  His diabetes is under control and improving daily.  The best part of it is that he's is more knowledgeable about it, and accepts that diabetes is part of his daily life.  This has made a HUGE difference, and it makes our daily lives so much better.

To me Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer and it makes me so happy!
Just thinking of all of the fun things that I enjoy about summer makes me feel so happy and blessed that I'll get to enjoy them again.  I plan to make this  summer  the best and to make the most of it!
 This is my first summer DIY project: a very patriotic ribbon flag banner.
I love it and so glad I took the time to make one.  I had all the supplies on hand, and was inspired to give it a try by following this tutorial …and of course I made changes as I went along that worked for me.    I used fabric strips in red, white and blue fabrics.  Also I used various lengths of assorted ribbon and lace.
Here's a picture of our front door patio.
It's all ready for summer.  As you know I live in Sun City, Arizona, and our summers are burning HOT, and it's so hot to maintain outdoor flowers and plants alive.  It's a lot of work and some potted plants required watering twice a day.  Since we are away for the summer, I decided that this year I would break down and use faux watering or tending needed.
The wall hanging pot on the left, our neighbors will be taking care of it for the summer.
The hanging wreath is an old one that I just simply revamped with some new added red, white & blue faux carnations and  a rustic US flag I've had for years.
I'm keeping my white bunny out for the summer, since we do have bunnies all over our community year round.
This is a very nice surprise for us having our very own resident Love Dove nesting.  Cannot wait to see babies hatch.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Belated Easter

 A happy belated Easter to all.
Easter Sunday was a very nice day.  Hubby and I hosted a very simple dinner with one our neighbors and a friend couple.
Luckily for me I felt so much better after a very long week getting over a really horrible bout with seasonal allergies and sinus infection.
 I am glad I was smart enough to have the house all cleaned and ready for Easter ahead of time.
I found these crochet eggs this season at one of my thrifty weekend haunts.
 All I had to do Sunday was simply set the table.
I found this really pretty floral bouquet at Michaels several weeks ago.  The set of 3 baby chicks are from a long time ago.  I think I got them at Joanns.
We served a very nontraditional Easter dinner - Roasted Rosemary Turkey; with a side of traditional green bean casserole.  Gin and Brad (our friend couple) shared an excellent tossed green salad.
For a pre-dinner cocktail I made a Peach Mango Wine Frappe, and … 
Gin made her famous fruit pizza sans kiwi!
My Hubby loved it and I think he had more than his share.

The best part about this Easter gathering, was that our recently widowed neighbor Barbara joined us for the first time since her Hubby died.  We were very happy she did.

I'm still not feeling 100% better, but I'm glad I'm feeling much better and getting back to enjoying each day to the fullest.  

Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Chick

Happy Friday!!!
Here's a cross stitched pillow tuck I made several weeks ago.  I think it's just adorable and can't stop making them.  It's called Tulips with Chick, a freebie by the Snowflower Diaries.
I put together a little Spring vignette next to my kitchen sink.  The milk glass pedestal it's a DIY from last year.
I found the wired egg holder at a garage sale for 25 cents, which I picked up on a whim.  Who knew it was just the thing I needed to put this together.  I added some ceramic eggs, a rooster nail brush, a knitted washcloth, hand lotion, and a tiny lemon cookbook.  The little hen next to it, is holding a crochet scrubbie.
I used this pretty tulip fabric for the backing of my pillow tuck.
Have a wonderful weekend!