Saturday, October 12, 2019

Velvet Pumpkins

I finally got a chance to DIY velvet pumpkins and they were easy peasy to make!
I always have love how velvet pumpkins look, but couldn't bring myself to pay the hefty price or one.
This is pumpkin #1 with a real pumpkin stem.
I got the stem at Aldi's last week.  It was the only pumpkin stem at the bottom of the big almost empty box.
Pumpkin #2 with a piece of tree stick from our garden.
 I made the two pumpkins using an old velvet throw pillow that I was very ready to get rid of.  I had saved the pillow to use stuffing/batting in other projects.
Just as a reference as how-to, I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials.
I washed the velvet fabric first and once dried, I used a big kitchen bowl and drew a circle using a Sharpie
I did a very simple whip-stitch with heavy thread and needle to gather the round circle.  I then stuffed it using the batting from upcycled throw pillow; gathered the thread tightly and tied it off.  Lastly I used hot glue to affix the pumpkin stem.
I really like the way the pumpkins turned out, but I really love the one pumpkin with the real stem.
Every time I go to the grocery store, I'm going to try and find more lose stems.

I have one more whitish velvet throw pillow that will follow this same transformation. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Mums In Season

 I couldn't resist getting mums for our home.
Seeing chrysanthemums out in the nurseries and grocery stores, for me is a sure sign that fall is here.  Mums are also one of my favorite flowers, and my birth month's flower.
Chrysanthemums stand for
friendship, optimism, joy
 When I brought them home, I knew how I was going to display them: in a $1 thrifty find wooden ice cream bucket I found over the summer.
Currently the mums are blooming cheery bright flowers in this corner of our dining room corner; where it gets plenty of sunshine.
Initially, I had placed them atop of my treasured antique school desk which I thought it look just perfect.   The problem was that our weather changed to several days of cloudy rainy days, that  I decided to find them to the dining room.  Here the mums were not getting enough sunlight, and I was afraid that the whole plant would die.
On cloudy and rainy days, I turn on  lamplight during the day to give the mums plenty of light.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Autumn Garland for the Mantle

I guess I'm so ready for autumn and/or Halloween!!!
This is my latest seasonal garland in our living room mantle; and it's not a rag garland this time.  It was fun making it, and super cheap to make.  All Dollar Tree supplies.
I hung it from the mirror, because when I tried hanging it from the mantle, it covered the grape vine wreath.
~please excuse my current cross stitch tray table; should have removed it~
Crisp and very cool mornings; and this week we are lucky to have the sun shining!  
Honestly,  I wasn't ready for summer to be over. 
 This summer was simply gorgeous and wet … lots and lots of rain, which in turn gave us a lush garden … and lots of weeds, too.   I worked very hard in the garden, and still have some plants to get in the ground and call it DONE for the season.
To make simple, fast and budget friendly (all Dollar Tree supplies):
One of each (or package)~
5ft. fall leaf garland, one fleece black plaid men's scarf cut into strips, silk fall leaves, wood die cuts of maple leaves, Jack-o-Lanterns & ghosts, burlap & felt leaves
I tied the strips black plaid first all along leaf garland, then tied or glued the rest of the embellishments throughout.
I was inspired by Priscilla, where she actually hung four different garlands together on her mantle. I thought that putting all 4 or more garlands into one, would make it look fuller, in my opinion.
Once Halloween is over, I can remove the ghost & Jack-o-Lantern wooden die cuts, and upcycle for Thanksgiving season.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bachman's Fall Ideas House, Part II

This is Part II of my trip to this year's Bachman's Fall Ideas House.
The following are pictures from inside the house that I'm inspired to DIY or at least try to recreate.
I just love this ladle display in the kitchen.  So perfect for Halloween­čÄâ
I will be hunting for ladles at thrift stores or sales until I have enough, to re-create this!!!
This is another idea I liked so much.  It's a recycled metal drawer turned into a shelf.
One of my most favorite all-time displays in the whole house is in the dining room!
I'm simply amazed at every beautiful detail used for their tablescape.
The best part is that I don't have to go shopping for anything if I wish to DIY, I can use what I already have on hand … maybe just fresh flowers for a nice sit down dinner.
This is in the kitchen, and I really love the idea of using table runners as window valances!  Who knew you could do this.  I have seen them do this, but using kitchen tea towels which is another cute alternative.
See left cupboard shelf:  this inspired me to plan on removing the cabinet doors on one of our kitchen cupboards and display our dishes.  It looked so open an airy, and makes the kitchen look bigger.
This picture is from a room upstairs decorated to be used as a reading/library room.
I think it is genius how they used old library cards to create a lampshade.
Lastly, I have always wanted to do this … hang a chair on the wall to use it as a shelf.  The chair is sort of on the smaller size … not for a child though.  I have the perfect chair I can use to do this already.  I just have to convince Hubby that it's a great thing to do … or maybe I'll just surprise him … LOL!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Boston Fern for Free

Isn't this huge Boston Fern so healthy looking and so very gorgeous!!!
I saw it advertised for free on Facebook's Marketplace for free over a week ago.  I fell in love with it right away, and thought how beautiful it would look in our dining area hanging from the ceiling over the winter.
The original owner's, who happened to be like less than 5 minutes from our place, have had it for over 4-5 years.  During the summer it was out on their deck, and during the winters it was brought inside their home; but since it got so huge this summer, they had no room for it indoors.  Lucky me!
I just didn't realized how huge the fern was, until I tried to bring it into the house.
The only place I'm able to display it where's there plenty of room for it, is the living room.  It gets all of the morning sunlight by the big windows.  I had to rearranged some of the furniture to make enough room for it though.
I placed the free fern inside this $1 thrifty find brass pot I found over the summer at a garage sale.  It still has it's original price tag on from Michaels for $39.99 I think.
The plant is really huge, but not too heavy to be atop of the antique pie crust table that belonged to Hubby's grandparents.
At the end of this month, we go back to winter in AZ, and if we have room in the van, this gorgeous and healthy fern is coming with us … 1,631 miles road trip.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Autumn Witch Stitchy

 This is my Autumn Witch cross stitch all done!!!
I love this seasonal witches offered by The Snowflower Diaries.

This is a freebie cross stitch chart by The Snowflower Diaries.  I saved the freebie chart in my Cross Stitch file a while back.  Her blog post still states it's free;  unfortunately if you go to the free link, you won't be able to find chart.  It states it's no longer available.  You may want to contact the cross stitch designer on her Etsy shop.

I just love this spunky adorable witch!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Bachman's Fall Ideas House, Part I

Last month my sister-in-law Jan and I attended our annual visit to Bachman's Fall Ideas House.
I always look forward to this event.
Here are just a few pictures of my favorite displays outside the house.
The pretty scarecrow display welcomes visitors into the gorgeous house.
I love their beautiful arranged pots with colorful fall plants.
In the meantime I'm looking to find or buy at least 2-3 tree trunk stumps to duplicate their pumpkins.

This not so scary scarecrow is so cute and so easy to make.  The fabric, I believe is the kind you use in your flower beds to help with weeds.  This scarecrow was hung on their original laundry line posts.
This pretty chair vignette was displayed in the She Shed.
I fell in love with the buffalo plaid pumpkin.  This pumpkin I think I can DIY.
I love the bundles of drying fresh flowers and herbs display, and the above white-washed frames.  I especially like the middle frame, where a kitchen tea towel is framed.
Inside their gift shop store, we found these gorgeous pumpkins, I believe knitted with chunky yarn.
Another inspirational DIY.
See how huge it is, and also very pricey!
While there, we did a quick tour of their nursery, and were lucky enough to be there when the florists were arranging these astonishingly beautiful dahlias!
Simply breathtaking!
Maybe next summer I'll plant some dahlias in a small patch in our garden.  Dahlias here in MN need to be dug out before winter gets here; and I'm afraid that I may not get the time or energy to do so before returning to AZ for the winter.
This place is absolutely delightful for a gardener and homemaker, or anyone who loves pretty things.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Fall Vignette a la Farmhouse

 I have been struggling all summer long on how to decorate this table between our living room and kitchen wall.
It finally dawn on me that I could create a fall vignette using this wooden box.
Over the summer I found this very rustic wooden box on the curb for free.  The lady who owned it no longer wanted it, and thought someone might use it in their garden.  Originally I planned on using it in the garden, but had second thoughts.  I didn't want it to rot out in the garden, so I cleaned it, nailed it tightly and stored it for future use.
I had all the supplies on hand except for the faux flowers.  During my summer thrifty finds, I found an iron 3-candle holder (inside box) which I had to bent a little to make it fit inside the box, the autumn leaf napkin is one from a set of 6 napkins, and the wax candles as well.
Eventually I will replace the wax candles with LED ones; so for now these candles will not be lit.  Also I think that taller candles on the sides would look better than these short ones; right now I placed a small glass as riser under each short candle.
I didn't want to spend too much on faux flowers, so off to the Dollar Tree I went. I think I need to get a least 3-4 more stems to make the arrangement look fuller.
As soon as October came, I brought out Esmeralda Lee Witch.  She's a pre-fall thrifty find.
 I think she's cute!
Esme came with her own tags still attached to her.
Now you can see where we feed our little Chihuahuas … right under this table.  Their toy basket is right next to their food bowl.  Jack loves to remove the insides of his stuffed toys, and he has a collection of cadavers in the basket.  Daphne is not too much into toys as long as she's right next to me.  Their water dish is the bathroom.  They love fresh water!

I love it when things I collect, eventually work out and can be used in our home.  Just a little imagination and inspiration is all I need!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Old School Desks Find

Last week I hit the jackpot on my Thrifty Find hunting … 2 very old school desks for free!!!
Desk #1 … 
placed by the front door; and … 
Desk #2 in a corner of our dining room for now.  This is the smaller desk of the two.

You have no idea how long I have been hunting for just one at an affordable price, but to find two for free … I'm beyond words!
~Desk #1 is a bigger one, and goes behind the smaller one pictured above~ 

As you know I love to check Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor app to find thrifty treasures; and it sure was my lucky day.  The desks had been advertised for sale at first, but no one was interested.  So the owner posted them for free; but there was a catch: who ever took them, had to take both.  At first I wasn't sure if I could fit two desks in our small house here in MN.  I thought about it overnight, and decided that I would find space for both.
The owner told me the story of how he originally got them.  They belonged to his mother, and came from the small school in Northern Wisconsin where she attended school as a child.  When the school closed, she took these two chairs, and her husband refinished them.
I think he said his parents moved away, and then he took them for his two girls.  Lucky for me the girls are now to big to seat at these desks, that he decided to get rid of them.

The desk by the front door is perfect when we or guests come into our home, can easily sit down to remove their shoes off and also to put them back on.
The smaller chair I'm planning to take back to AZ at the end of the month; that is if I have enough room in the car … or if my husband's niece is interested in the smaller one, she can have it.  My Hubby is a retired teacher and his niece is currently working as a teacher in Special Ed.
We'll see what happens … 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Welcome October

 I love this time of the year … from the cooler sweater weather to the start of the busy holiday season!
Here's my monthly cross stitch for October all done and framed.
I found this tiny wooden easel at my local thrift store for 25 cents last month.
I'll be honest and let you know that I'm not too thrilled with the cross stitch fabric I used for this month.  It's 14 count Aida, called oatmeal.  I now wish I had used black fabric instead, but it was a bit difficult to cross stitch on dark cloth for me. The ghost and all of the white thread would have looked so much better. 
I apologize if I come across being negative, but I wasn't feeling well at all the day I fully finished it off.  I just think my final finishing wasn't creative at all.  
I need better night lighting, which I have, but it gets me very hot while I have it on right next to me during the summer.
Finishing Style inspired by Priscilla.

I added my October stitch to my autumn vignette display in the dining room.