Monday, August 2, 2021

I'm still here...

Restarting to blog again is too difficult after a long absence.

After the year we've had, I'm sure or hoping you understand.  It sure was difficult.

Anyways, I'm hoping to be more active keeping a record of my going ons

I have finally recovered from a horrible bout with depression and anxiety.  I am able to make plans and socialize ... yeah!!!

Once I was starting to feel like myself again, my doctor misdiagnosed a med dosage that completely put a stop to my daily life for over 3 months.  I'm alive!!!  

I kept myself pretty busy cross stitching non-stop and doing other things in order to keep my sanity; which helped me a lot.

Lately I have been venturing in other activities which is a good sign for me.

Here a few of the activities I have been up to, and have been wanting to share:

I even uploaded a video onto YouTube so my family (out-of-state) can see our MN lush garden.

Trying out new crochet patterns for baby blankets.  I think this will be my sixth one so far.  Too many COVID babies!

Sewing & Quilting
I'm putting all of those handsewn hexies into quilts or table runners.

Finishing what I started.
Using every scrap of cotton yarn and making dishcloths or hot pads for the kitchen,

completely finished a cross stitch project (one of many) into a throw pillow,

cleaning and organizing my yarn stash (keep & donate),

making a baby rag quilt out of recycled denim,

another recycled denim project,

my love for reading has returned and trying to devour lots of good books,

and hunting down great thrift store/garage sales, curb side freebies, Nextdoor or FB Marketplace sales treasures! 

Last but not least, finding joy in cooking and eating again.

Now I am looking forward to two upcoming short vacation trips.  One is a Girl Trip and the other one is with Hubby.

Thanking God for another day in this world and making me realized how blessed we are.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Spring Mood

I am so glad that spring is almost here!

It has given me the chance to take out my pretties and decorate the house, and make it festive!

Monday, December 28, 2020

Meet Ms. Audrey

Merry Christmas!

Happy to introduce Ms. Audrey this Christmas!

Ms. Audrey is wearing my beautiful handmade Christmas apron, a gift made especially for me, and my "Wilma Flintsone pearls".

I even added a Christmas pin to her, so she would be more festive.
I am thinking she will be a fixture in our dining room for a bit longer.  I already have a winter theme planned for her.

Ms. Audrey, nameless until this Christmas, was in our bedroom wearing my simple wedding dress for a couple of years now.  I decided to put her in our dining room since our kitchen is so small and no room for her.  That way, I was able to dress her up in my pretty apron. 

Today I plan on putting away Christmas decorations away, but leave the tree up; and add some winter decorations.
Oh!  I forgot I must finish my loads of dirty laundry today, too!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Stitching

This Christmas cross stitch project was a real joy to stitch!

I am so happy to have it completely done before Christmas...yeah!

This is a Hands On Design collaboration with Priscilla from Stitching With The Housewives.  You can find the chart in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine, December 2016.  I Rit dyed 14 count Aida in black to get the chalkboard effect on the fabric, and I Priscilla-fied it!

Lately, cross stitching for me has become a great way to combat stress/depression.  This art work is easy and very portable to work with.  I have discovered that cross stitching is a whole new world now a days, compared to when I first started stitching eons ago.

Stay safe and

Be Merry & Bright!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Birdie Babes Christmas Craft Day

Yesterday, my Birdie Babes (golf group) and I gathered for our second annual Christmas Craft Day, and we had a ball!

Jan, our very talented and crafty teacher, planned for us to make this beautiful Pinterest inspired Christmas Decoration.

Here we are proudly showing off our very own unique creations!  Crafty Jan is standing second from left to right.  Sue (in shorts), "our hostess with the mostess" opened her back patio for us to get together and enjoyed a wonderful time together.

This was a much needed get together for all of us.  So thankful and blessed to have a very supportive group of  Ladies.

It sure has been a while since I last visited my poor abandoned blog!

This pandemic has sure affected me in so many ways; and I know I am not the only one feeling it's negative effects.

I have finally gotten myself out of this virus' funk mood (actually working hard at it) and taking one day at a time & making the most of it!!!

Praying that all of you are staying safe and focusing on staying positive.

God Bless!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Spring Hare Etching & Blooming Bearded Irises

Hope you're making the most of this time, whether by yourself or family.
It's simply a one day at a time kind of time.  I'm feel less stressed and dealing better with this whole nasty terrible situation!  That or end up at the Bellevue in a padded room ... LOL!

Here's another stitched project all finished up and prettily hanging by the inside of our front door.
It was a fun, quick and small easy stitch to work on.  I used all supplies on hand.  The small metal hanging basket is from a local charity thrift store for a mere &1.  The vintage crochet doily is another thrifty find; and the altered pin is from a swap I participated several years ago.
The chart for the Spring Hare Etching is a designed by Cecilia Turner of Heart in Hand Needleart, featured in the latest Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher 2020 Spring Issue Magazine.  

In late fall I was given several bearded iris bulbs for my garden.  Thanks to the beautiful cold and wet winter, our iris bloomed beautifully.
These are not mine, but so wish mine they were!
These beautiful iris are from my mother's best friend's garden!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

April Bunny & Blooming Cacti

I am so happy that today I get to get out of the house and play golf with one of my Sun City Birdie Babe friend.  It will just be the two of us, and we'll be walking the course.
On Friday we get to golf again, but more of our SC Birdie Babes will be joining us!  I miss them so much!!!  We will be keeping our Social Distance!

Here's my Lizzie Kate's April Flip-It Bit.
These Flip-It Bits are so much fun and quick to stitch.
I have been using leftover scraps of Aida cloth, different size thread count; unfortunately, this month's cloth is is bigger than 14 count.  I barely fits inside this red tin where I have been storing the other months.

So far I have ~
February, and

Spring has arrived here in our Desert and our cacti is blooming with colorful flowers.
Bees are so attracted to these blooms.
I don't know the name of these cactus, but I LOVE their flowers!!!

I'm currently suffering from at least one anxiety attack a day, but not as bad as it was last week!  Praying and talking to myself while I go through it, has been helping me a lot.
I focus on what I can control, and I let go of what I can't!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

April Showers & Yellow Roses

It sure feels like spring here ... it's gorgeous!
I love sitting in our back patio and enjoy watching and listening bunnies, birds, and the occasional coyote.
As unfortunate as this virus is, it has forced me to just sit and relax.  It really helps with my panic and anxiety attacks.

Here's my very quick and easy monthly cross stitch called April Mini Bunny, designed by Eileen Gurack.  This bunny is one of 12.
I found the cross stitch chart from Just Cross Stitch Magazine, April 2018.
I didn't use floss colors called for.  I tried to match as closely as I could and had on hand.
The lace ruffle is vintage seam binding ribbon, and then I sewed the tiny purple glass beads around the border of the frame.
I think these mini bunnies are too cute.

The following bunnies are for March and February.
The March one, I simply framed it so I could display it last month.
These are the February mini bunnies.  As of right now, both (March & February) are in line to get fully finished and be ready for next year.  I will try before the month is out, to get January done.

Aren't these yellow roses gorgeous?
They smell so good!
They're from my neighbor's.

Let your FAITH
 be bigger than your fear.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Tulip Time & Citrus Season

Here's a quick and springy cross stitch all done!
I love tulips, unfortunately here in Arizona they're hard to grow.  You can grow them, but with lots of hard work.
So instead I will have tulips forever!
It was an easy stitch and I used colors on hand only.
The chart is a generous freebie from Cathy Habbermann, Hands On Design.  You can find her free chart on her Facebook page here.

I wasn't too happy how I mounted it onto the easel, so I went ahead and used a vintage cutting board I found at a church rummage sale years ago.
I hung it right behind my bunny on the second shelf for now.

Citrus Season
Towards the end of last month I helped some friends and neighbors pick their oranges, grapefruit and lemons from their trees.  
This year was a great year for our citrus season.  Our trees were so lush with fruit!
I shared a lot of the fruit with family and some friends. Grapefruit and oranges have been thoroughly enjoyed.
 I still have some lemons left, which I have to juice and freeze to use over the summer.

Stay Safe & Positive

Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you keep going anyway.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring Bunny & Roses

I'm all caught up with "fully finish spring/Easter stitch work"!
Last year I cross stitched this adorable Spring & Tulips Bunny, and last week I finally completely finished it off so I could display it.
I love how it turned out.
All supplies on hand, and again I attempted the ruche technique; and I have a ways to perfect it ... lol!
I used this very tarnished and old silver butter dish and purposely did not polish it, to display my Spring stitch.
Supplies used: 
~foam board, batting, hot glue gun, DMC floss on hand only, French wired ribbon, seam binding ribbon, and rosebud embellishment

I received these beautiful fragrant roses from my neighbor.  Sorry … I forgot their names.
My bedroom smells divine!

Stay safe and positive!

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Easter Peep

Happy Monday and making the most of it, and are staying safe!
Honestly, last week I was really suffering from really awful anxiety attacks 3-4 times a day.  It was tough.  I'm trying and working hard to stay calm, and now feeling a bit better.  The only time I notice I have the beginning of an anxiety attack, it's when I have to go out to the store.  Just awful!
I'm praying and staying as positive as possible that this pandemic comes to an end soon.

As I try to stay calm and not worry so much, I'm staying busy with keeping busy.  It really helps me with my anxiety.
I love it and it actually gave me joy while stitching it.
To fully finish it off, I'm constantly inspired by Priscilla's finishes.  She's one absolutely creative and talented Lady.
I used color DMC floss on hand only, and added tiny glass beeds for the eyes.  All of the other supplies come directly from my craft room ... I'm doing great job about staying home and observing social distancing!
All of the supplies used to finish my Easter Peep came directly from my craft room.  I even surprised myself by finding out how well supplied my stash is!  So proud I'm doing a great job about staying home and observing social distancing.

I want to share a Palm Sunday chuckle that made my day yesterday!
The following decorated front doors for Palm Sunday decorations were beautifully done and decorated by my creative girlfriends: 
Elegant simplicity!
Cut and trimmed palm fronds from her own garden palm trees.  She simply added some to her Easter wreath.
Palm frond from her garden as well, and she braided the palm grass cross.

Drum roll please before I show you see mine.
Ready ...

No creativity whatsoever!
Our palm tree is super tall … like 80 feet tall … so I asked my neighbor Tim if I would have one his palm fronds, which he did.  He must think I'm nuts … but anyways, brought my palm frond home and just stuck it by our door … please don't judge me …  LOL!!!
Next year I'll plan ahead and promise myself to make something with better presentation!!!

Wash your hands!