Friday, February 22, 2019

Kitchen Coffee Filter Wreath

 OMG!!!  I'm super happy how my coffee filter wreath turned out and it was so easy to make!!!
Years ago I saw this type of wreath on Priscilla's blog and I just fell in love with it!  Yes … years ago😁

I watched Priscilla's YouTube video and several other tutorials on different blogs on how-to make this filter.
After watching all of these tutorials and learned from them, I borrowed an idea here and there and put my own twist to make it work for me.  For example, Priscilla uses hot glue to attached the filters to the straw wreath.  I avoid as much as I can using the hot glue gun … too many painful burns … ouch!
So I used straight pins instead.  The other thing I did was start at the top of the wreath (all around) pinning the filters first.  Then I did the bottom side and inside of the wreath.  I added more folded filters where I saw gaps and made sure the straw wreath was not visible.
Lastly, I just added a ribbon and bow made to hang.  I plan on changing the ribbon according to the holidays/seasons.  I actually want to use wider ribbon.
It was super thrifty to make this wreath, and I had been collecting the supplies for a while:  straw wreath for $2 from the thrift store (brand new), 3 packages of coffee filters from the Dollar Tree, the ribbon also from Dollar tree, and straight pins from my stash (mostly found at estate sales, thrift stores, … )

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Valentine's Garland

I'm absolutely loving making these easy fun rag garlands and can't stop making them!
They make your home very festive and add color.
Again this was a planned project for the beginning of the month, but became a WIP; meaning I finished just this past weekend … didn't have it done before Valentine's Day.

I wonder if I can keep it up beyond February and would it fit in with some of my Easter dΓ©cor … hmmm …

It's a cold rainy day and I'm loving it, because it's a great excuse to stay cozy warm, drink coffee and tea and work on more WIP's!!!πŸ’—
Cooking and Crafting with J & J #180 and Features

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Valentine's Pom Pom Wreath

St. Valentine's Day came and went, and I did not get to finish my heart pom-pom wreath in time; but I get it done though!
It will stay put in our bedroom door for the remaining of the month.
 I used a heart wire wreath form/frame and pink wired ribbon from Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby's yarn.
This is my first pom-pom wreath ever and I am pretty happy with it.  I do plan on adding more pom-poms though.  I just feel it needs more, and the reason I haven't added more pom-poms is because my nearest Hobby Lobby store is miles away.  Next month I make my monthly run to Costco, I plan on making a stop at Hobby Lobby.
I used all of the skein of yarn called Pink (Love This Yarn #100).  I don't have a pom-pom maker, so I just winged it and made my own pom-poms free hand.

Great News!  Hubby had cataract surgery on his left eye and it was a success.  He can finally is able to read the newspaper … that is without glasses!!!

Note:  I apologize if you're not able to leave a comment.  I'm trying to figure it out!!!

Cooking and Crafting with J & J #180 and Features

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Stitching Love

I am done with Hands On Design's A Year of Celebrations for the month of Februaryyippee!!!
Honestly I didn't think I was going to finish it.  My first try on 32 count Dirty Belfast linen was put aside because I kept making so many mistakes and kept 

I finally gave it up and started it all over on a different linen from my stash that I could actually see the threads.
The funny thing is that it wasn't the Dirty Belfast linen's fault, it were my eyes … lol.  I had my eyes checked, and I now have new upgraded prescription glasses … yay!  What a difference it has made … unbelievable … wait to you see my March's stitchy project month actually done on the 32 count Dirty Belfast linen.  Yes … March is all done.

Once I finished February's cross stitch I knew exactly how I wanted to display it.
I found the corrugated metal heart decoration at Hobby Lobby last month (at 50% off).  Again I was inspired by Priscilla's framing style of displaying her needle work.  I used batting to mount my needle work onto a 4.5" x 4.5" squared piece of sturdy cardboard (I save my cereal and cracker boxes).  Then I made a ruffle out of a long piece of tiny polka dotted fabric I found in my fabric stash, and sewed it to the back.  Unfortunately I didn't have a piece of black gingham fabric for the ruffle.  I think it would have looked much better.
I used Velcro to attached my finished frame to heart ornament using Velcro.  It can be easily removed if I wish to change it.  Priscilla uses metal washers and magnets to attach her finished work onto different displays.  I had planned to do that, but couldn't find any washers amongst Hubby's tools and stuff; so now I need to make a pit stop at my nearest hardware store.

I feel very accomplished … and now on to my WIPs basket and carry on!

Note:  I apologize if you're not able to leave a comment.  I'm trying to figure it out!!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Some Winter Stitching

Good morning!
I know I know … it's no longer January; but I still want to share with you my cross stitch work.
This little snowman is from Hands On Design 12-month series cross stitch package called A Year of Celebrations.
It's an easy stitch to work on and so so cute.
It was extremely difficult for me stitching on 32 count Dirty Belfast linen called for; which I have never before stitched on.   First of all my eyesight is not what it used to be.  The second issue was the linen.  It is absolutely horrible in regards to the threads in the fabric - very uneven and not so good quality fabric … in my very humble opinion.  I'm still very proud of myself for going on and not giving up.
I framed my finished stitch work inspired by Priscilla.
I used an old picture frame from my stash, added a vintage button and made a simple polka dotted bow using burlap ribbon from the Dollar Tree. 

I'm currently working on February's and to avoid the headache from stitching on the linen called for, I'm using fabric from my own cross stitching stash.  I am hoping to finish it before this coming Thursday … yikes … and with a pinched nerve on my left wrist and wearing a brace!!!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Welcome February & Picking Citrus

Not too visually pretty oranges and grapefruit, but they're juicy and delicious!  I am having at least two oranges or grapefruit a day, making sure I get my Vitamin C daily dose.  I wonder if citrus fruit will keep the doctor away as apples do?? πŸ€” I hope so.
I picked these citrus fruit over at our friends' place.  Thank you Gin & Brad!

I can't believe it's already February!  January was the longest month I can ever remember of in my life!  Loved it that it felt so long, but didn't like being sick for most of it, and Hubby's numerous doctor visits.  Maybe this is a reminder to better take care of myself.  If I don't take care of Moi I can't help Hubby or anyone else that counts on me … or maybe I just need to learn to say NO!

Now I wish February would slow down a bit please … it's flying by too quickly for me.
I guess I just feel out of sorts, discombobulated … well enough of my rambling / whining and enjoy this day to the fullest and not feel guilty doing so!
I think it all boils down to always putting myself second to everyone's needs.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Framed Cross Stitch Cardinal

 Happy Monday!!!
I'm over my cold/sinus virus, my back feels so much better, and finally I feel like my old self.  The best part of it all is that our weather here is absolutely perfect.  Today's high will be 73* … sunny and warm … and I get to play golf.  Doors and windows will be wide open in our home to let in the warmth and air out the house.  Life can't get any better than this.
To top everything else I feel very accomplished that I finish cross stitching this little cardinal, and also framing it all by myself!!!
 This is my sideboard all decorated for winter, plus the addition of my first cross stitched project in a very long time.  Please don't look too closely at my stitched work.  I made several mistakes … not counting stitches correctly … oh well … it was great practice.
I took inspiration to frame my cross stitch project a la Priscilla.  She is one very artistic lady and I love how she frames and displays her cross stitch artwork.

I was so good and resourceful how I framed my cross stitched cardinal.  I did not go out to the craft store to buy anything.  I had every thing handy; it was just a matter of using my pea-brain and make doπŸ˜‰.
I had the frame (1 of 3) in storage.  The flannel plaid was a thrifty find from last summer for $1 (about 2 yards); and the glittery snowflake foam sticker is from my craft stash.  I put it all together a la Priscilla's and voila! 
It helped with the framing idea from watching Priscilla's very informative YouTube videos.

Well I'm off to get ready to go play a round of golf with my Girlz, and wear tons of sunblock.  Hoping your week is a wonderful one!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Spring Garden Process

Aren't the flowers so pretty!
Here in the AZ Desert it's a great plan to start your spring flowers in the late fall season.  Since we have a very short spring season, by the time it rolls around our flower pots are in full lush blooms until the end of May.
This picture looks so fallish because of all of the leftover pumpkins I placed around the flower pots.  I was hoping that some of the wildlife would snack on them.  I guess they must not care for pumpkins.

I was so happy how my blooming flower pots were coming along right until New Years.  The weather was just perfect … sunny warm days and pretty cool nights.  But right after we had a cold front come through our area, and I was so ill (with this stupid "virus"
 going around) and didn't have the energy to go out and cover my pots.

So this is what I have 
It just makes me so sad.  I think the petunias will recover though.
All I have left to do now is go to Plan B: get more petunias and repot.
That way our miniscule spring garden will have some pretty flowers come this spring.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cross-Stitching & Recouping

My lower back has been aching since last Saturday, but the good thing is that the constant sharp throbbing pain is gone.
The not so good news is that I'm not able to bend, move or do much, or else I get a sharp lower back pain.  I feel better though, I just need to take it easy and rest.  That's the problem with me, I can't just sit and do nothing!!!
The minute I start feeling better, up I go and start doing things. What's wrong with me???

Well … I decided that I would find something to do while I sit and rest.  I went through my "cross stitch basket to work on projects" and dusted off this little cross stitch cardinal to work on.  It has been a long time since I last cross stitched, and I sure can feel how rusty I am.
I will make sure to slap on a pain free patch on my lower back, sit on my Lazy Boy Chair, put my feet up, drink my coffee or hot tea and cross stitch the day away.
I'll just have to rely on Hubby to help out around the house; and for dinner will have Chinese food delivery.
I can do this!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

$20 Bargain for My New Craft Room

I found this super cheap and practical cabinet at our local thrift store for $20 plus $10 for delivery!!!
It is in great condition and OMG it has lots of storage for all of my craft, and sewing supplies plus more.  
Finding this cabinet prompted me to relocate my so-called craft room to a new area in our home.  My new craft room is now in the utility/laundry/golf cart room.  Well the golf cart won't be parked here anymore.  There's plenty of room for it in the garage.

My old craft room … more like a tight corner … was in the guest bedroom/office.  It worked but it was very inconvenient because I had to store most of my supplies between two closets, and had to constantly go back and forth to retrieve supplies as I needed them.
I am still in the process of organizing my new craft room, and putting everything at easy reach where I can see all of my stuff!  I am a visual type of person.
Relocating to this new room, has given me the opportunity to sort out supplies that I no longer need.  I am in the process of purging lots of paper stuff into the recycling bin, and others to be donated.
It's funny how things work out and the rest simply falls into place.
I first found this draft table, for free, while I was out walking Jack here in our neighborhood (over a month ago).  We walked back home so quickly so I could get my car and load up the table (Jack wasn't too happy about it since it cut his walk short).  That's actually when I knew that it was time to create a new craft room location.

This was my very tight craft corner.
I still have this 3-drawer filing cabinet to move to my new craft room.  It stores most of my cardstock and lots of wooden stamp sets.  Once I have everything in place in the craft room, this heavy baby is going to be moved … oh yes, I need some strong men to carry it out, too!

 Unfortunately I won't be able to get done organizing my new craft room.  I hurt my lower back with all of the moving and lifting and I'm in pain … ouch!  So in the meantime I have to take it easy and wait until I feel better .. argh!

This is my new sewing machine … yeah!!!
I am so happy and super excited with this new move, and can't wait to finally have everything in place.  I can do laundry, iron, blog, craft, sew, watch television and YouTube, listen to my favorite music (as loud as I want it to be), and books on tape at my own convenience!  Hubby can get cranky and he constantly interrupts my creative work.  He needs to find a hobby … stat πŸ˜‰

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Shaggy Pom-Pom Garland DIY

Two nights ago I made this quick and easy shaggy pom-pom garland for the living room corner hutch.  Hubby says it's an antique Hoosier cabinet.
I was actually forced to make it because I misplaced my snowflake garland I usually hang here; and the cabinet just looked sad.  Anyways I searched and searched for the snowflake garland to no avail.
I was inspired to make the pom-pom garland after I saw Priscilla's pom-pom wreath.
Since I did not have a wreath form or enough yarn, I decided to turn it into a simple garland.  I am trying to use what I have on hand.  I followed Priscilla's easy to make pom-pom directions and tied them to a long crochet chain I made from the same yarn.
I used a whole skein of white yarn for the pom-poms and chain.  The yarn is from Michaels (something Loops).
At first I wasn't too sure I liked how the pom-poms turned out … too shaggy I thought.  Once I hung it on the cabinet, the garland looked absolutely perfect in my opinion.
I am very happy how this corner of the living room looks for the winter.  I am glad I added the white crochet doilies and tucked the stuffed snowmen too.
I still plan on making a pom-pom wreath though πŸ˜‰   

Friday, January 18, 2019

Winter Snowflakes & Daily Life Update

These past two weeks have been a complete busy blur … and sickly, too.
I did try to keep up with my blog, but just couldn't do it!

Hubby had cataract surgery and was a success.  He can see now out of his right eye.  The tedious part of the surgery has been keeping up with the daily multiple eye drop schedule for four weeks.  Great news … he's ready for his left eye to be operated on.
I came down with some nasty virus (supposedly going around) and felt absolutely miserable.  Still have a throat tickle, runny nose, headache and a few coughing fits here and there; but feeling so much better.
Even our poor little Phoebe (cat) had to see her Vet.  We had noticed that she was getting really thin and couldn't keep her food down  She had blood work done and other tests, and apparently she's having an issue with her thyroid.  We are still waiting for the rest of her test results.

I wanted to share some of the final finished DIY winter snowflakes I made out of clothespins.  I painted them white, and decorated them using bits and pieces of vintage jewelry.  I also used some of my leftover jewelry making supplies.
The following snowflakes are the extras I was left with.
Most of the snowflakes were part of our family, friends, and neighbors' Christmas gift.  
I think I ended up making about 25-28 total snowflakes.
I decided to use these snowflakes to hang here and there around our home.
I normally don't decorate our home for winter, but this year I decided to add a little Winter Wonderland.
I plan on making more of these snowflakes for next year, but will be decorating them a bit differently.
I am thinking silvery snowy glitter!