Sunday, August 31, 2014


So me during hot summer days!!!
(...and Hubby is not understanding while he says the weather is just perfect and his toes are freezing...aargh!!!)

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Yup!!!  That's me...a Dish-A-Holic and proud of it!!!

While out and about during my weekend garage sale shopping, I found this beautiful Pyrex bowl set  for $5.00!  No chips, nicks or excellent condition and just perfect for our summer home kitchen.

Maybe with the upcoming fall season, I'll spend more time in the kitchen cooking and baking!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rain in the Garden

 It's a beautiful rainy day and it makes our garden look even better!
I quickly stepped outside the front door to snap some pictures of this gorgeous coleus before huge fat rain drops kept falling on my head.
 The hostas are in full bloom on this side of the driveway.
It's a good "soaker" rainy day!
Our lawn and garden will appreciate it after several weeks of no rain, and now the hose can be put away.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cool Cozy Day for...

reading, drinking hot tea and enjoying a little warm furry company...or
...some quilting without a care in the world!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fresh Off the Vine

 Hubby's first tomato of the season!
I say Hubby's because he is the one who plants the tomato plants and takes care of them every season.
I am thinking a tomato sandwich for his lunch would be nice.

Monday, August 25, 2014

MN State Fair

On Saturday, Hubby and I went to the MN State Fair 2014.
It was a beautiful cloudy day with cool breezes, but very humid for my taste.  As to be expected, the place was packed with people (including us)!!!

There was so much to see, do and eat!  Hubby and I don't care for the scary rides, so we simply saw, ate and walked!!!

Here are some pictures of my favorite things at the State Fair
 I love the gladiola flower display.
 I love how these long eggplants were incorporated into the the gladiola flower arrangement.  I never think of using vegetables or fruit in flower bouquets or arrangements.  
This cute little girl was so spontaneous and decided to pose next to the Giant Pumpkin as I took the picture of it!  She made my day!
  My most favorite part of the Fair is the Giant Pumpkin Contest!
The Giant Pumpkin only weigh a mere 793 pounds...not as big as last year's, but still very impressive.
We ended our visit to the Fair at the Creative Center.
I'm simply in awe of how people can create such magnificent handiwork...the detail, creativity, and the long hours of hard work!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tiny Hexagon Pincushion

While working on my hand sewn hexagon quilt, I realized how much I needed a pincushion!
I kept forgetting to pick a tomato pincushion up at the craft store, so I decided to make my own.
After searching through Pinterest for ideas on handmade pincushions, I went ahead and used 2 3" hexagons from my stash to make a tiny two-sided hexagon pincushion. 
No more misplacing my sewing needle and pins while quilting in front of the TV.  It also fits perfectly in my sewing basket.

Friday, August 22, 2014

MN Polish Festival

Discovering Minnesota
Couple of Sundays ago, Hubby and I attended a local Polish Festival held at Pracna on Main in Minneapolis.
The entertainment was wonderful!  All songs were in Polish.  We didn't understood a word of it, but the songs sounded so cheerful and contagious.  Most of the audience would sing-a-long to some of the songs or dance to them as well.

One of my favorites was the Polka band, and watching the great polka dancers on the floor.  It made me want to learn polka, so I just chair danced.
I love small attending festivals like this and appreciating the beauty of other cultures and connection to our neighbors.
The street where the festival took place had very interesting buildings, and one of them was this little church tucked away.
Here's a picture of me.  I don't like pictures of me at all, but Hubby insisted!
Right next to the festival you could hear the water flow by on the Mississippi River.
Hubby promised to take me here for brunch sometime soon.  I've been craving a mimosa!
I love red brick streets and when cities try to preserve some of the charm of long ago.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vanity Table Curtains

Last October I worked on updating my late mother-in-law's vanity table.  
I cleaned, painted, and most importantly I crochet a lace edge tabletop for it.  But I wasn't completely done with this project until this summer.
 Here it is now!!!
I added a curtain to cover the cluttered shelves (picture above). 
 Above picture shows the vanity table before curtains.
Upon entering our bedroom, our vision would zero in on the uncovered shelves; and Hubby would asked me, "When are you going to add the curtains to the table so we don't have to see the junk?!"
After one to many prompts, I got to work!  LOL!!!
I looked through my stash of fabric and got to work.  Simply simple white cotton sewn curtains.  The hardest part was finding the right size tension rod for the curtains, but finally found one at Hancock's.
Now, I'm debating whether I should add a simple crochet lace edge at bottom of curtains or add the same edge as the one that goes around the top, or just leave it as is.
This vanity table is looking so much better and I'm loving it!
I'm currently on the hunt for a proper vanity mirror to go with this table and better lighting, too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ticking Pillowcase

While out shopping for good quality pillowcases, I was shocked at the prices...even when I was looking for sales!!!
So...I had no choice but to learn and make my own!
My very first handmade pillowcase!
 I wanted to start out with a simple pattern that I could follow and not be too complicated.  I found several pillowcase tutorials on Pinterest, and chose Jen Graham's simple standard pillowcase tutorial (Graham Like the Cracker).  The tutorial was perfect for me.
I wanted my pillowcase to look really finished, and learned how to sew a French Seam.
Eventually, when I'm done with both pillowcases, I will add a crochet edge around it to finish it off (like picture above)!

I'm already thinking that these type of pillowcases would be great as Christmas gifts!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack has turned 2 years old!
I love you and you bring so much joy into my life!  Daddy's too!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunflower Wreath

I was so inspired by Priscilla's sunflower wreath she made a couple of weeks ago, that I made one for our home.
 I had found a wreath at a garage sale in early June for $2 (and now wished I had picked up more of them).  It had been used as part of a wedding decor.
The sunflowers I got at Jo-Ann's on $ale.  I picked up 3 bunches all of the same size.
 I used every single sunflower and all of the leaves, and hot glued them around the wreath.  I wasn't able to find a pretty ribbon to add to my wreath at Jo-Ann's or in my stash that I like.  I used a long piece of jute rope to hang it in place.
It was so easy  to put together!!!
In looking out. 
I just love all of those twirly tendrils from the wreath.
I think it looks great hanging from the window rather than the door.  This sunflower wreath adds so much more color to the front of our home!
And like Priscilla mentioned in her post, this kind of wreath can also be displayed for
September; and I already have the perfect ribbon for it!

Friday, August 15, 2014

House Plants & Pots

Last weekend was a very successful garage sale hunting.  Everything I found had great prices, and I have found a new life and a home for it all!!!
 I had been wanting to transplant 4 of our houseplants into new and bigger pots.  These plants all belonged to my in-laws and they're pretty old!
The above pot was only $3, and had never been used.
 This brown pot and the blue pot below were $2 each.
The poor plant roots were so compacted in their old clay pots.  I added new soil and fertilizer to all of the plants, and so far they have not shown any transplant shock.   
 Now this pot I got it at Menard's (all of their pots are on sale).  I think it was like $7 and it looked perfect for this plant in our living room.
Back in May, I moved this plant closer to the front windows in the living room and it has really thrived.  It was pretty interesting to find out that it shoots vines.  The poor thing was in a tiny clay pot and it's a wonder that it's still alive.  Now I'm on the hunt for a trellis to stick in the pot so the vine wraps itself around it.

I'm hoping to hit some garage sales tomorrow Saturday, and hopefully I'll find new treasures I can use.