Friday, September 30, 2016

Summer Good-bye

My summer has come to an end, and I'm saddened by it.  This summer here in MN has been the best one so far!
Hubby and I did a lot of fun things together...visited new places, learned new things, tried out several different style restaurants and foods, and acquired a taste for local craft beers.  In other words, we did what we had planned on doing this summer, that is to go out and get to know the Cities!

We also made a point to spend more time out in our backyard and really enjoy the great weather we had this summer.  On most days, we sat here and had our pre-dinner cocktail(s), and if we were lucky enough we usually had a neighbor or two stop by and visit with us.  Blessed!

The best part of summer for me was finally conquering my phobia of venturing out on my own, without being fearful of getting lost or losing my sense of direction (even with GPS).  You probably think this is a very silly thing to fear, but for me it was very nerve wrecking and made me feel very anxious and panicky; especially driving on the freeways and highways and battling the traffic.  So yes this fear has limited my sense of adventure, but no more!

Now that we are getting ready to go home for the winter, I'm thinking of the many things we or myself can do next summer that we didn't get a chance to do this year: museums, theater, concerts, day trips, ...

Now that summer is over I feel guilty I didn't do more gardening in making this area prettier; but it is what it is, and next year I can plan on it.

Now that I think of it, it was actually a good thing I didn't spend my time doing so.  I would never have been able to take the time and relax.

I tend to sit for about 5 minutes, and then get up and start pulling a weed here, transplanting a plant there, trimming a tree, and so on...and never just sit and relax.  I think I finally learned to "stop and smell the roses" or the phlox in this case!

I'm so thankful and blessed I made new friendships this year, spent time with friends who came to visit, made more time for family, and the best part is that I'm in good health and able to find joy in life.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

MN State Fair 2016

Phew...busy busy busy and trying to catch up with blogging and visiting!

Hubby and I had a great day at this year's MN State Fair 2016!
My very favorite exhibit of the Fair is the annual Pumpkin Contest.  Here's this year's huge pumpkin winner = 1143 pounds!!!

It was amazing to see the biggest sunflowers and vegetables!

This year was a first for both of us to see part of the sheep herding competition.  It was a beauty to see the sheep being herded by very talented and trained sheep dogs.

Piggies are too darn cute!
It was a very nice cool and breezy day to visit the piggies!

This Momma Piggy only had 10 piglets!  All very healthy and pink, and always super hungry!!!

The day flew by so quickly and it was so very pleasant.  We had our usual famous Pronto Pups (corn dogs) and very tasty icy cold Grain Belt Beer.  Also, we had for the very first time these really good French Fries with fresh garlic topping...that was our new food to try out!
For dessert I had a real vanilla milkshake.

I simply cannot believe that it feels like winter here in the Cities...well my kind of winter for this AZ Gal!!!  Out came the cozy sweatshirts and socks, afghans and the teapot quick...oh and the heat is on and the AC is shut down...woo~hoo!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumn is a second spring
when every leaf
is a flower.
~Albert Camus

Sunday, September 11, 2016

One sees clearly only with the HEART.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Boy Oh Boy

Little Boys should never be sent to bed.
They always wake up 
~Peter Pan

Last Saturday we celebrated Pierson's 7th. Birthday!!!  He is Hubby's niece's oldest son.
Ten of his friends were there to celebrate his birthday...ALL BOYS!!!
Pierson had a blast and it was so much fun watching him and his friends have a great old time!

Hubby and I were invited to celebrate his birthday, but also to help out in supervising a total of 13 very rumbunctious energetic and full of life kids (Pierson's sister and little brother were in attendance too).  It took 6 adults to keep track of all of them!!!

Boy OH Boy do they have energy!!!

They did the bumper cars several times, play area, a round of miniature golf, and finally the arcade games!  It was 3 hours of counting heads to make sure we hadn't lost one, escorting them to the bathroom and making sure they washed their hands, drinks of water, and serving them pizza and cake, clean up afterwards, ...
I don't know about the others, but I was exhausted by the time the party was over, 

but I sure enjoyed watching them play, laugh and enjoy themselves!
I am thankful I had the opportunity to be there and be reminded what being a child is all about!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thrifty Finds

Two weekends before Labor Day, while I was out and about running errands like a mad woman for two days, I surely made time to quickly stop at a few garage sales (about 3-4).
Boy did I find good prices and treasures!!!
It was surprising to find that on most of these sales just about everything was$1-$3...and it was on the first day of their sales!!!  I think it was a way for the homeowners to quickly get rid of their stuff before summer is over.

So...let me show you my treasures which I have already found great places to be used in our home, and some for later use:
In the last year, I have been finding this type of miniature watercolor framed pictures.  I simply find them fascinating and so pretty!  ~ $1.00

 Two small White Glass Hobnail vases...$1.00 each!  I just couldn't believe it!!!  

"YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE..." framed quote at a garage sale = $1.00.  Excellent condition from Michaels.  

A beautiful embroidered linen bread basket liner...not one stain!!! 

Two very pretty heavy frames = $1.00 each.

A very well used and loved enameled coffee pot = $2.00! 

Adorable old metal red gingham tray! 

I finally found a wooden picture frame for this picture from last year. 

I had been looking for this type of woven basket for the longest time.  I did pay $3.00 for it, because I  just had to have it!   I thought it would be great to use it as my "cocktail bar tray"; but it was too wide for the counter where I wanted to place it.

A tissue box cover for the guest bedroom night stand = $1.00

Two trays of Christmas glass ornaments.  I plan on decorating and donating them to our annual Christmas Church Bazaar. 

For our Christmas tree. 

Sheet music books for 25 cents each.  I plan on using them for my altered art. 

I couldn't pass this Beatrix Potter book for 25 cents.  I plan on using it for an Easter vignette. 

A "star" tablecloth for a table of 6 = $1.00.  Oh so many uses!!!

A 3-tiered plate stand for $3.00.  It came in very handy on Sunday's brunch get-together.

Brand new bag for a short weekend trip = $3.00, ...

 and last but not least, this very pretty linen table runner in excellent condition = $1.00.  Perfect for Easter season.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Girlz Day Out

Last Friday I had a wonderful time with the "Girlz"!
Jan, my sister-in-law,  and I had a wonderful time with her two granddaughters!!!
 We had a scheduled pedicure; which the Girlz absolutely loved!  They got to pick their very own nail polish color, plus they had a tiny little flower with a rhinestone drawn on their big toes!!!

After pedicures, we had a lunch reservation at American Girls, Mall of America.
Lunch was delicious!!!
Mac & Cheese for the girls, All American Grilled Cheese Sandwich for me and Tic Tac Toe for can me go wrong!

After lunch, they got a chance to play in the American Girls play area.  They gravitated to the baby dolls.
Christmas present idea???
I on the other hand, would love to have MaryEllen!  Jan is interested in the Wellie Wishers.

 Kinley ...


Afterwards, the Girlz had a chance to go on some fun Nickelodeon Universe rides!!!
But wait, we also stopped at this candy store where "we" picked our own candy...and ate it all!!!

Was it naughty of us to drop them right off after at their parents home?!?!

I had a wonderful blessed time.  I got a chance to feel young again!

Now their Moms want a Girlz Day Out...oh boy!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Enjoying Last Days of Summer

It sure has been fun the last couple of weeks and busy!!!  I had to resort to schedule REST DAYS to recoup and even took a week off from blogging.  I feel young, but my body tells me to take it easy.

Besides the everyday to do and keep up with the daily routine, we managed to squeeze in some very Good Times!
 Lord Fletcher's annual Lobster Boil.  It was delicious, but what a messy eating feast it is!

Minnesota State Fair!  It was an all day affair, and I enjoyed a very creamy and delicious milk shake!

 My first pedi of the summer!  Boy did I needed a professional pedi done.

My sister-in-law and I had a Girlz Day Out with her two adorable and well behaved granddaughters at the Mall of America!  

 Hubby and I helped his niece chaperone her son's 7th. Birthday Party.  The fun party included eleven super energetic boys...phew!!!  It was so much fun and exhausting.

We hosted a brunch for six in honor of Hubby's friend and his wife.  We took the opportunity of getting to see them and catching up with them.  Even though it was an easy impromptu visit, I just couldn't believe the many things to get done pre get-together (grocery shopping, cooking, "really" clean house, ...) for this very fun and simple gathering.  It was really nice to see John and Cindy again.
Until we see each other again in Arizona.

Besides everything going on, I made time to quickly stop at a few garage sales and find treasures! 

Last but not least...
I had cake and ate it too!!!