Saturday, July 30, 2016

Butterfly Tags

My friend Mary and I were invited to come visit two of our "Golf Buddies" up north in Pequot Lakes, MN.
We planned on bringing wine as a hostess gift to each of the Ladies.
 Mary suggested I should make tags for our hostesses' gifts, as I had done for our friend Lynn.
You can go here if you're interested in making the butterfly paper clips.
 Gin's tag and...
Diane's tag.
Sometime next week, I'll be posting telling you about of our wonderful time together!

Thank you Deb for the wonderful box full of goodies!!!

Note: I have a very limited supply of craft items on hand here in MN.  So if my tags look very similar as the one I made for Lynn, please forgive me.  I'm slowly acquiring supplies on the cheap, and working with what I have!!! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Garden Envy

Today I am sharing a friend's sister's beautiful summer garden!!!
 I love this very lush garden!  The scent from the lilies was sweet!
 My beautiful friend Mary in the middle of her sister's inspiring garden.  Every plant and flower is breath taking!
Some day my summer garden will look like this.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lilies in the Garden

Sometimes I have these huge garden ideas and plans, but then I run out of steam and time!
Does that ever happen to you?
 About a month ago, I bought 8 lilies to add to this part of our front yard.  Due to us being too busy and socializing, or because the weather was too warm and muggy, or just because...
I just finally got around to planting them here!
Hopefully by next summer they'll be as big and blooming like the other lilies in the garden.

Note: My poor window boxes are not as pretty as last year's.  I was too late in the season planting hanging geraniums.  :-(

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thrifty Sales

It has been a while since I last went garage sale-ing, and I was so happy to come home with great finds!

Pictures frames and one very pretty butter pat dish...from $1 to 25 cents.
A hanging wooden wall shelf painted in white,  and a mirror backed shelf curio cabinet wall hanging display for $3 each.  The mirror curio is missing its two shelves, but Hubby will help me fix that.
 I'm always looking for brand new cloth napkins, and I found a set of four brand new 100% cotton at 50 cents each.
 A brand new metal rack wall hanging display for $1.  I haven't yet decided where this is going.
 A slightly used flatware drawer caddy for a whole dollar, and last but not least...drum roll please...
a 3-drawer cabinet that fits perfectly between the stove and fridge in our tiny summer house kitchen.  It was just $5!!!  I plan on adding a large cutting board or maybe have a piece of wood cut to size to place atop of it, and add more counter space.

I came home so happy!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

White Hydrangea

 I'm so in awe of my very first huge hydrangea flower in our garden.

 I just can't believe its beauty and size!

I planted this hydrangea bush about two summers ago.  I bought it at our local Trader Joe's, and I hoped it would survive our harsh winters.
And it has!!!

When I brought it home its blooms were pink, and they're now white!?!?!
I need to research and find out why, and how I can make it bloom in pink again!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Women, Wine & (no) Whiffs

Fun Girlz Day Out enjoying  Women, Wine & (no) Whiffs!
Mary, Elaine, Lynn and I (left to right) last Thursday at the beginning of our golf round.
It was so much fun, even though the weather was not cooperative.  It was chilly and raining, but we made it fun.

Lynn organized this fun outing for us.  We first me at her house where we enjoyed delicious Bloody Marys and appetizers, and caught up on life since we last saw each other.

Afterwards, we drove to the golf course where we enjoyed our evening of golf.  The event included a shotgun start, nine holes of golf, scramble format, and on-course contests.  After the round, we relaxed in the clubhouse with wine, chocolate, appetizers, and with an informal awards ceremony.

We had two grand winners at our table from our group.  Mary won "closest to the water" and her sister Elaine won "closest to the putting green".

Thank you Lynn for a wonderful time!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Antiquing on Main Street

 I finally found an excellent and pretty vintage oval vanity mirror tray for my dresser at a great price!

   I placed my new-to-me vanity tray atop my handmade dresser scarf I made a couple of years ago.
 I love it and I'm so pleased by it!

I was also lucky enough to find in Deb's booth a bowl filled with Scrabble letters and stands.  Eventually it will be part of a vignette in our living room fireplace.

If you just happen to be visiting Hopkins, MN, stop by and take a look at Deb's booth.  I guarantee you that you'll find something you can part with!

913 Mainstreet
Hopkins, MN

Phone: 952.931.2144
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday Noon - 5:00 pm

Something for everyone. 
Booth is PAD

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mary Is In Town

 My friend Mary is in town...woo..hoo!!!
When I first moved to Sun City back in 2007, I was still working and did not get a chance to really meet other people/neighbors and become friends with.  Hubby and I have really wonderful neighbors, but some of them were still working, had health issues or were not very active.

Once I retired, the best thing I ever did was joined the Ladies Guild at Church (last October) where I have met several great Ladies and now friends, and my small world has changed for good!

Mary and I clicked the minute she joined the Guild!  We  have several things in common and enjoy doing almost the same things.
Once we started talking and getting to know each other, we discovered she lives right down the block from me.  Also, she's from MN and grew up and lived right near us here in Golden Valley, MN.
Long story short, we have become very close, very active and are making new friends in Sun City.

She's here in MN for a month to get away from our AZ heat, and spend time with her Dad and family; and we get to spend time together as well.
The picture above is from last Tuesday morning right after our round of golf.  We were honing our golfing skills  for a women's golf event later in the week!

Thank you Lord for sending me a good friend!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Day with Garage Sale Gal

Last week Deb and I met for our our second annual card and craft get-together at her place.  Deb, aka Garage Sale Gal, and I met through blogging, and last summer was the first time we ever met.

Here we are taking a selfie in front of her famous and beautiful mantle!
Deb worked on making these very pretty cards, while I worked on an altered book journal for my sister.  I had the great pleasure of getting to see her craft room, and let me tell you, it's a Girl's dream come true!!!  I wish I had taken a pic, but you can go here and take a little peek yourself.  I want one just like it!!!
Deb is the greatest hostess as well.  She prepared a delicious chicken salad wrap sandwich and served it on very pretty Red Wing salad dishes; and we drank lemonade on gorgeous retro glasses with lemons printed all over the glasses.  I love how she uses what she collects...I'm copying that Deb!

Deb was so sweet and presented me with this beautiful little packaged gift filled with lots of goodies.
I just love the tag Deb made for me.  Isn't this tag just too adorable!!!
Deb: please don't be surprised if in the near future you see an almost near replica of your pretty tag.

Thank you so much Deb for a great day spent together and getting to know you better.  Hope we get to see each other again before I go back to Arizona.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cuteness Overload

Meet Miss Emmie!

Isn't she so adorable!  Emmie belongs to Hubby's niece Lisa. 
She looks so much like our Little Jack, but twice the size.
Last week we met with Liza and Emmie for a walk around Lake of the Isles.  It was a hot and muggy day; and I took this picture of Emmie right after we got back from our arduous walk.
I think it says it all!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

By the Lake

About two weeks ago I had a wonderful visit from two of my oldest friends - Teri & Rose.
The first day they were in town we met in Downtown Minneapolis for lunch and catching up.
It was wonderful!
 The following day we made a Girlz Day Trip to Excelsior, MN.
I picked them up at Teri's daughter's apartment and we drove to our destination.  It was a beautiful sunny cool day...just perfect for a Girlz Day out!!!

*No I don't have a black eye.  I have no idea how that black spot got there...hehehe...and don't know how to remove it*

We walked around Main Street and we browsed through the gorgeous shops in town.  Later we had a very relaxing and delicious lunch by Lake Minnetonka at Maynards.  To finish off our day there, we took an hour boat ride and tour of the Lake.
The Ladies really enjoyed their day out, and I was so pleased to see that they did.

On our way back to their place, we had to make a pit stop..but of course what every tourist to the City must do if you're old enough to remember The Mary Tyler Moore Show... 

I cannot stress enough how very pleasant this day was!
Thank you Rose and Teri for coming and spending time together!  See you in October!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Truest Happiness Tag

I made a quick tag for a dear friend who arranged a great Girls Get-Together last Friday!

Lynn hosted a cocktail get-together at her place before we headed out to play golf.  She and her husband enjoy drinking wine and are lucky enough to tour several wineries throughout the world at least once or twice a year.  

Lynn's favorite wine is Pinot Noir.

As a gift of appreciation to Lynn, I presented her with a bottle of her favorite wine, and prettied it up with a sweet tag.
I attached a crochet button flower paper clip, and added some bling to the eyelet trim.  I was lucky enough to have a sentiment of how I feel about her.

Life's truest happiness
we make along 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not So Cheap Date

Hubby and I are continuing to get to explore Minneapolis' sights and food!
Here we are on a Not So Cheap Date at Smack Shack!
A week earlier we had come here for their happy hour with Tom's brother Chip and his wife Jan.  Actually Jan introduced us to this great restaurant!

The food is to die for and the ambience is great; and even better the weather was perfect!!!
The reason I call it a Not So Cheap Date is because Hubby and I decided to go back on Saturday instead of their happy hour, but so worth it!!!!

Hubby and I share a Lobster Boil...highly recommend it; and ...

Hubby had Bluepoint Oysters.
Since we were feasting, we also had to have something sweet to finish off our meal!  Our waitress recommended a super delicious and scrumptious Red Devil cake covered in ganache and a side of some Boston Creme sauce....YUM!!!

We are going back for sure, but for Happy Hour though...LOL!!!

Oh by the way...on our way back to catching our bus back home, Hubby had to make a restroom pit stop which cost him a little extra.  So while waiting for him at The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis' lobby, I was sitting right across the bar and decided to finish off the day with my favorite cocktail: Makers Mark & Coke.

Grateful & Thankful

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mary Tyler Moore's House

 Teri and I doing our best impression of Mary Tyler Moore (Mary Richards)!!!
By the way Mary Tyler Moore's house is up for sale...just in case you're interested!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Blooms

 The daylilies are blooming...
 the hydrangea in all of its glory...
 healthy looking hostas and the end of the alliums...
and cheery bright yellow lilies!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


For 4th of July Hubby and I attended a baseball game in St. Paul.  We love and enjoy watching the Saints play.  In my opinion it's a great team and it's a very entertaining game to watch!
We ended up in the bleachers section because by the time I got the tickets, this was the only place we could get...well Standing Room was available too.

This is the very first video that I have uploaded to a post.  I took video with my phone.  I hope it plays...
Just a little taste of 4th of July Fireworks!!!

Once the game was over, we were welcome to enjoy watching the fireworks from the field. 
They were spectacular!