Thursday, December 6, 2012


I finally retired from work!!!  I'm so ecstatic!!!  It took me about 2 weeks to finally realised that I won't be going back to work EVER!
So many things happened during the month of November: my retirement, my "BIG" birthday, a new addition to our family - Jack the Chihuahua, Thanksgiving, small retirement parties in my honor, and the start of a new phase in my life!!!

How did I do it before when I was working?  How does anyone find time to enjoy life and do all the things outside work? 
I am finding out that being retired is BUSY and the day goes by super fast.

Especially when you have a new little one!  Jack has been to the vet's and Dr. McAllister has determined that Jack is only about 4 months old and not 8 months old as we were told when he was given to us. 
He is a handful and so much FUN!  We had to "doggy proof" the house after he ended up in the emergency room.  Apparently, he got into Hubby's mixed nuts bowl and swallowed a huge almond.  Jack is only a little over 3 pounds!!!

...and this is how we usually spend our baby sitting him, shopping and running errands, going for "walkies", taking naps together, and Jack chasing our 2 cats and getting into mischief!

I highly recommend retirement! 
I have so many interests and want to keep active.  Also, spending more time with Hubby and doing things together!
I have worked so hard for so many years and missed out on so many things.  I know I am lucky and so very blessed to be able to now start a new life without worries, and it is up to me to make the most of it!

Thank you for stopping by~