Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing in the Basement

I created a little crafting/sewing space down in our basement...nothing fancy at all, but good enough to create.
I'm organizing this area as I have a long ways to go!
 I started sewing a jelly roll quilt top and needed to see how it was coming along (pattern wise).  I didn't want to spread it out on the floor because then our kitties and dog would be all over it...not good!
 So I came up with an idea (right on the spot) to hang my work in progress on the wall.
I used these damage-free hanging strips with Velcro, and
 attached it to the back of clothespins, and 
onto the wall.
I started out with 2 clothespins and then added a third one as I added more strips to the quilt top.

I think this will work for the meantime, but I'm thinking of maybe putting up a pretty curtain rod with cafe curtain clips instead...that's an even better idea


  1. I always wondered how well these hangers worked...and now I know. Very cleaver and you quilts are beautiful!

  2. I love your hanging idea! So clever. I came by from your sweet comment on my Trail Class post. Yes horses are definitely our love. I wish everyone could have one! I enjoyed your blog. I am following you! Have a great weekend.


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