Friday, July 31, 2009

Out & About...

I have finally decided that enough is enough! So what if it's 115+ degrees sizzling hot! One more month of this beastly weather and I can start planning my fall & spring garden, morning & evening walks outside, maybe drive with my window down, enjoy my morning coffee in the back patio or how about the front patio, and the same goes for cocktail hour...the possibilities are endless!
Furthermore, the end of working 4 days 10 hour days are over. As of this coming Monday, it's back to my normal routine! I did enjoy my 3-day weekends, but mainly one day was dedicated to catching up on rest!
I had a busy morning. A long drive to the airport and back! I absolutely HATE driving to the airport! Why is the airport area poorly designed and so complicated to drivers! I made it home safe & sound!
To make myself feel better after a horrific drive, I went shopping at a local used bookstore and bought 3 paperbacks for a $1 each (no tax & a first time customer to this bookstore'; the owner is now my very best personal friend). I am currently addicted to Debbie Macomber summer read. Also, for the last 2 Friday mornings, I have been perusing and shopping at local Sun City shops where you find fabulous prices for second hand items...ahem...antiques. All proceeds go to charity.
There's something you don't know about me. I confess to all that I'm a "Dish Wh*re!" There! I said it! For some unexplained reason I just love love love dishes, bowls, plates, china!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a fetish! A sickness I tell you, but can't overcome!
Let me share with you one of my precious find:

Royal Prince Bone China England

For some unexplained reason I have decided to start collecting teacups & saucers!

My other collections include: milkglass, relish trays, deviled egg dishes, white ceramic pitchers, Blue Willow or just about anything blue, anything with roosters, platters, linens, copper molds, ...
I feel good!