Saturday, November 12, 2016

White Crochet Wreath Ornaments

Yes!  I'm in a Christmas ornament making roll!
I used this pattern for the red poinsettia crochet flower using Aunt Lydia's red cotton thread size 10.
You can read and find pattern for the crochet holly leaves here.  I also used Aunt Lydia's green cotton thread size 10.

I made all these especially for our Christmas tree or to add to a gift/card.

These type of crochet white wreath ornaments were a big seller at our Church's Christmas Bazaar.  I was in such a rush, that I never had a chance to take a picture of the first set I made to donate for our bazaar.  Luckily for me I still had some extra supplies to make more.

 I used these flexi-hoops which I used to make these wreath ornaments.  The first set I made, I used wooden curtain rods.

 Each wreath ornament is one of a kind.

I used a very simple shell edge crochet pattern and ...

one using crochet picot pattern that I now do by memory to cover the hoops (both patterns).  Of course there's a little crochet tweaking done to make it fit around hoop...😉

I use bits and pieces of my craft supplies I have on hand to decorate each.
I hope you give it a try!

I will forever remain HUMBLE because
I know I could have less.
I will be GRATEFUL because 
I know I've had less.