Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Table Top Tuesday

I am spending a couple of weeks in Minnesota at our summer home.  Next summer I will be here all summer long and will be able to really spruce up this place! 
I want to share some of Hubby's family heirlooms that came with this home (it's his childhood home). 
My in-laws had a collection of inherited pieces of furniture and other "treasures", which I love and appreciate.
This is a hutch that my father-in-law put together for my mother-in-law.

The shelf with the teacups and teapot is as she left it, but I added her collection of creamers.  The teapot belong to Hubby's paternal Swedish grandparents, and the teacups and saucers are from one of my mother-in-law's china sets from when she got married.  The set is called Spode Copeland Great Britain Constable.  On the bottom shelf I placed some family silver and pewter, along with some milk glass.

I love those red crystal champagne and goblet glasses!  On the shelf with the blue plate I placed some glass and crystal collection. 

Here's two pictures of my mother-in-law Caroline.  The picture on the right: she's in the middle, with her two younger sisters, and I simply love the portrait of her on the left.  I believe it was taken for her wedding announcement. 

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Thank you for stopping by~