Friday, September 7, 2012

Fresh Cut Friday

Rosette-forming soft succulent and can get as large as a dinner plate.

Succulent plants are wonderful plants for those not born with a green thumb...that would be me with these particular plants 

Due to their minimal needs, they are difficult to kill and thrive in virtually any environment.
Good to know!

Succulents come in a variety of types and many bloom throughout the year.
I can't wait for it to bloom!

Isn't it beautiful! 
It reminds me of a jade plant, which reminds me of a jade necklace, which I have been wanting for the longest time...!!!

I am joining Fresh Cut Friday at Liz's Rose Vignettes. Please stop by to see her "sweet little shaggy Spider Mums"  and other bloggers' fresh cuts.
Thank you for stopping by~



  1. Hi Oliva. Thank you so much for joining in for FCF at Rose Vignettes. This is a great post. I love succulents. This one is gorgeous. I love it right next to the sink like this. You can always enjoy it that way. I have a little ivy that I did the same thing to. Thank you again and have a great weekend! :)


  2. It does look great there! I hope it does well for you for a long long time!


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