Friday, June 28, 2013

Summers in Golden Valley

Well...I'm finally retired after 28 plus years of hard labor...LOL!  Yeah! 

It has been a long while since I last post.   It does take an adjustment to the beginning of a new life after all...too much time and so much fun stuff to do!!!

Hubby and I are embarking in our new life of retirement and enjoying life free of schedules and deadlines.  We will now winter in Sun City, AZ, & spend our summers in Golden Valley, MN. 
Dear Hubby and I celebrated 25 years of blissful ups & downs, the good & the bad, in sickness & in health marriage.  Someone famous once quoted, "Marriage is not for sissies."
We have 2 spoiled and devilish KittyKats, & last but not least, Jack- the newer addition to our family...the most adorable perfect Chihuahua ever!!!!
Hold's going to be a fun & adventurous bumpy ride!  Stay positive & enjoy everyday!