Monday, June 30, 2014

Trouble...I mean Travel Changes

It has been a rather busy time since my last post.  
Our plan was to get to MN by the first of June, but our plans changed rapidly.  
Hubby and I fly from Phoenix to our summer home with our 3 pets. 
 There were lots of changes to our well planned travel schedule due to the summer weather in Phoenix.

Panic and chaos ensued!!!
Our 2 cats fly cargo, and because of the hot weather in Phoenix, the last day we could ship our kitties was on May 1st.

Kitties were shipped ahead and my brother-in-law Chip picked them up at the airport and delivered them to the "summer home".  Our cousin Laura checked on them for about 2 weeks, until I and Jack (our Chihuahua) arrived.
Hubby arrived a week later due to finishing up with dental work/surgery.  Poor Hubby, he still has one or two more appointments when we get back to AZ in the fall.

Finally we all arrive safe and sound to our summer destination!
Phew...& taking BIG BREATH here!!!

Here we all are enjoying the beautiful nice MN weather and keeping busy!
Jack at Phoenix airport waiting to fly here.

Busy and fun times since arriving here.