Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Here

Happy Spring!
So happy to be back to our so called "normal" life!
This is Daphne Moone our new family member.  She's 4 months old and a sweetheart!  We have adopted her.  At first our plan was to be her foster parents until we would find her a very sweet loving and caring family.  Well, Hubby simply fell in love with her and couldn't bear parting with her.
She's all ours now!

What a whirlwind last couple of weeks have been!  When something goes wrong in our life, there's a string of  more to follow.
Let's see: our computer crashed, front door knob broke, irrigation watering system needed repair, the vacuum cleaner belt broke and now replaced, and I had a nasty cold/allergy...

and of course while this is all going on, we also had good come into our lives.  My sister's first grandson was born ~ Julian Anthony, 8 lbs. 3 oz. 21" long.
We had very pleasant company (except for a little hiccup: my niece accidentally fill her gas tank with diesel on her way back to California...actually a big hiccup!...on a Sunday afternoon.  Don't ask how in the world she managed to do this, because I still can't figured it out!!!  As bad as this sounds, luckily for her and us, our whole family were able to help her in our own way with this situation, and a couple of hours later she and her mom were back on the road again!  A reminder to all of us how blessed we are to have the good times and the bad times!

March has been a very busy birthday month!  Lots of birthdays which at times is hard to keep track of all of them!!!

Well...I hope that now I'll find sometime to blog and have fun!!!