Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Grilling

Let the summer fun begin in Minnesota ~even though is not officially summer~!!!
I left Arizona on a very hot day; thankfully I didn't experienced it.   Jack and I had a terrific flight and landed on a sunny MN day.
 Years ago I used to participate in recipe swaps.  Each swap had a different theme.  For this one swap we were to share a grilling recipe(s).
I collected all of these recipes and put them together for Hubby and I for summer grilling!  I also added a few easy to make appetizers, cocktails and dessert recipes to go with our main meal.
 This is one recipe I contributed, and it's delicious!
All recipes are 6" x 6" decorated and embellished cards.  The frame was part of a gift (handmade calendar).

 Bon App√©tit