Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hello March...

Yes...I'm so behind! 
January and February were simply a blink of the eye for me;
but I still want to share our CDA's January General Meeting get-together.
Our January's meeting was a fun one.  It was great to see each other again and spent time together.

As the ladies found their seat, they each received a little favor.

Wishing them a Happy New Year and a healthy one!

One of our activities was to think of a word that we could use and work on throughout the year as a resolution for the New Year.  My word of the Year is PATIENCE!!!

After the meeting, we had a fun door prize drawing!
The ladies must wear their name tag in order to participate.  It's a great way to remind every one to wear your tag!

We celebrated in style.  Wine tasting & toasting, ...

... and delicious appetizers!  Believe me, more finger food was shared.

I love our meetings and fellowship!  I am so blessed to have found a group where we all have the same spiritual connection.