Monday, August 2, 2021

I'm still here...

Restarting to blog again is too difficult after a long absence.

After the year we've had, I'm sure or hoping you understand.  It sure was difficult.

Anyways, I'm hoping to be more active keeping a record of my going ons

I have finally recovered from a horrible bout with depression and anxiety.  I am able to make plans and socialize ... yeah!!!

Once I was starting to feel like myself again, my doctor misdiagnosed a med dosage that completely put a stop to my daily life for over 3 months.  I'm alive!!!  

I kept myself pretty busy cross stitching non-stop and doing other things in order to keep my sanity; which helped me a lot.

Lately I have been venturing in other activities which is a good sign for me.

Here a few of the activities I have been up to, and have been wanting to share:

I even uploaded a video onto YouTube so my family (out-of-state) can see our MN lush garden.

Trying out new crochet patterns for baby blankets.  I think this will be my sixth one so far.  Too many COVID babies!

Sewing & Quilting
I'm putting all of those handsewn hexies into quilts or table runners.

Finishing what I started.
Using every scrap of cotton yarn and making dishcloths or hot pads for the kitchen,

completely finished a cross stitch project (one of many) into a throw pillow,

cleaning and organizing my yarn stash (keep & donate),

making a baby rag quilt out of recycled denim,

another recycled denim project,

my love for reading has returned and trying to devour lots of good books,

and hunting down great thrift store/garage sales, curb side freebies, Nextdoor or FB Marketplace sales treasures! 

Last but not least, finding joy in cooking and eating again.

Now I am looking forward to two upcoming short vacation trips.  One is a Girl Trip and the other one is with Hubby.

Thanking God for another day in this world and making me realized how blessed we are.


Kim said...

It is lovely to 'see' you again. Getting back to blogging after the difficult year you have experienced would be hard, but I am so glad you did. Oh, how lovely are all the pretties you have been fashioning. The baby blankets are sweet, but oh those hexies; how beautiful those blocks are. The row of little houses stretching across the pillow is fabulous, too. You have a wonderful stack of books there to digest and chew on. I look forward to visiting you again. Enjoy your little vacations. Please take care.

Conniecrafter said...

Sorry to hear what you have gone through, so glad you are feeling better, yes I agree that medications can really change your thoughts and feelings, I have cut back my meds in order to feel better once again and it made all the difference. So nice that you were able to do things to keep you busy!