Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rooster Party August 28. 2009

Who is the biggest rooster obsessed fan? Me!!! I'm just so sadden that I missed this Rooster Blog Party hosted by Bella Vista!
I know it's late, but couldn't resist sharing one of my most prized rooster prints! I found these set of prints at a store going out of business, and that's when I had the greatest creative idea of framing them. I bought the frames at another craft out of business...and rooster prints!
I can't wait for the next Rooster Blog Party so I can share some of my precious roosters! nephew Anthony once counted up to 160+ roosters in my kitchen...


  1. Hi Oliva, I added your name to the link list on my sidebar. I am so sorry you missed the party also. Your rooster prints are soooo lovely!!

    It is wonderful to meet you and you must join us the next time.

    Barb :-)

  2. Hello Olivia,

    So sorry I am late arriving. Still working my way through the parties. I do not want to miss anyone!

    Great rooster prints! Wow! 160+ - now that is a LOT of roosters!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Oliva, I'm very late arriving for your party. So glad to be here though. The rooster prints are wonderful. I want to see your other roosters, all the ones in your kitchen! Hope you share them with us.
    Hope to see you at my place sometime.


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