Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Nap

My plan for today was to stamp away the day, but I was too tired, that I slept for most of the afternoon. 10 hour work days are killers!
I have not stamped for several months now, and I finally feel creative enough to get busy and have fun! My goal is to at least blog once a day, and visit fellow bloggers. So here is my blog for today:
DH and I took a day trip in early June to Prescott, AZ. On the way there we stopped at a little town named Yarnell, AZ. We Phoenicians, during our hot weather, traveled north to get some relief from the heat. We were fortunate enough that in June the weather was just perfect, so DH & I drove with the top down of his sporty car and headed north.

Every time we go through Yarnell, we have to go through this really neat small neighborhood. I took this picture of the deer in front of some one's summer home. The deer were so quiet and behind some bushes that camouflage them, that we almost missed them. To us this was really neat!
I took this picture of a very sunny flower! Believe it or not it's a bloom from a cactus which is cover by some vine.
Prescott has this one famous street called Senator's Highway where you find several Victorian homes from the turn of the century. Every time we walk by these famous street, I pick "my house", and this time, this lady was the lucky one!