Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flower Delivery

For Valentine's Day is now a tradition that Dear Hubby sends me flowers to work. I love it!
But how lucky can a girl get by getting two floral deliveries?
ProFlowers made the mistake of delivering the above flowers to me. When I received them I thought it was a little odd they were not roses, but figured how lucky to get flowers at all. So when I got home with my huge bouquet Hubby said, "I didn't sent you those!" I was a little puzzled because the card said they were from him. So he explained to me that he had ordered 3 dozen roses!

Needless to say he got on the phone to ProFlowers and let them know they had made a huge mistake!

So...these were delivered to me!
I had flowers at home and at the office...I do believe some of the ladies were a little jealous... :-)

I brought my roses home at the end of the week.

I combined the last of the living flowers to make a new bouquet!
Deep inside of me I was hoping that another delivery mistake would have been made, but NO...!
I would have requested tulips this time!
Thank you always you have made me feel very special!