Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flower Delivery

For Valentine's Day is now a tradition that Dear Hubby sends me flowers to work. I love it!
But how lucky can a girl get by getting two floral deliveries?
ProFlowers made the mistake of delivering the above flowers to me. When I received them I thought it was a little odd they were not roses, but figured how lucky to get flowers at all. So when I got home with my huge bouquet Hubby said, "I didn't sent you those!" I was a little puzzled because the card said they were from him. So he explained to me that he had ordered 3 dozen roses!

Needless to say he got on the phone to ProFlowers and let them know they had made a huge mistake!

So...these were delivered to me!
I had flowers at home and at the office...I do believe some of the ladies were a little jealous... :-)

I brought my roses home at the end of the week.

I combined the last of the living flowers to make a new bouquet!
Deep inside of me I was hoping that another delivery mistake would have been made, but NO...!
I would have requested tulips this time!
Thank you always you have made me feel very special!


  1. Both bouquets are just gorgeous. How lucky to have so many pretty flowers, and what a special guy. Hugs, Marty

  2. How lucky girl you are to get that beautiful present from your "hubby" and the flowers company (even if it's a mistake)
    Have a nice day.

  3. HI!!!
    Being that my MOM use to own a flower shop and up until last year, I still delivered flowers on holidays for a friend of mine's very busy shop, I know how expensive 3 dozen ROSES are!!!!! And at Valentines time!!!!!!WOW, what a great guy!!!!
    For me because I have been involved with flowers for almost 20 years, I only want flowers delivered to me at a hospital, so that has been 3 times when I had a baby!!!!!But I do love flowers and enjoy them, just I would rather have Chocolate!!! Or licorice!!!!!
    Did you see the tulips I saw at the Pike's market in Seattle on my blog?????
    They were amazing!!!!!!
    I need to know if you can make my granddaughter's letters for a banner we are making for her 2nd birthday?? We want the letters about 4-5 inches in a cute font, in bright hot pink???? I will pay you for them!!!!!
    just asking!!!!

  4. Such pretty flowers! Your hubby is a sweetheart. I use pro flowers and when they made a mistake once and flowers were delivered late and they were limp they immediately replaced them. Hmmm, I'm ready for some more flowers. My tulips are now history!

  5. Hi OLIVA!!!!!
    Would you be able to make an AZ blogger luncheon on a Sat???? We are thinking Teeter House downtown on a Sat in maybe March but probably April????
    I cannot believe how my Sat. are all filled up til then!!!!
    It looks like after Easter.
    Yes, we would LOve for you to make letters for her banner!!!!!
    4-5 inches in color???? I'll ask daughter again about that!!!!haha
    in a font like in cursive but easy to see????Does that make sense????
    Her name is CAMDYN
    Let me know if Sat is ok with you!!!

  6. HI!!!
    Sat. March 27th at 1???
    Could you go???
    let me know!!!

  7. HI Oliva,
    How are you?I haven't heard from you in a while. I see you had some really pretty flowers. How pretty they were.
    Nancy Jo

  8. I am glad you got it straightened up. My husband has quit ordering from them because they leave the roses out on the porch and they get too hot. I told him, go to the grocery store!


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