Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

After a long absence of participating in Susan's Naps Between on the Porch Tablescape Thursday, here's my tablescape that I set for January's Bunco get together at my house.

I was saving this set of dishes for Mother's Day brunch at my house, but couldn't wait to use them. I recently acquired them from an estate sale in my neighborhood.
It's called Peach Blossom Bolero china set by W.S. George.

I find it so very feminine and fragile...

It's a 5-piece setting for 6.

I used the glass sugar & creamer for salad dressings...

The bread basket is from Longaberger. I've been collecting their baskets for a while. I have some prized baskets, and some day I will visit their store.
I served homemade Beef Stroganoff and salad.

The ladies were able to serve their own beverage...

I set the buffet hutch with the cups & saucers, teaspoons, dessert plates, sugar & creamer. After we are done playing Bunco, we have coffee and dessert.

I served a Bavarian pastry and butter cookies.

While we play Bunco, we have chocolates, peanuts, ...
The night I hosted Bunco it was pouring rain! I'm so happy the ladies showed up and we had a great time! I get to host Bunco in July...can't wait!
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  1. Love those dishes...very pretty! You set a lovely table and buffet. Is Bunco a card game?

  2. Beautiful display! I will be hosting my bunco group in a couple of months. This was inspiring.

  3. This is a great table! How fun to have a bunco group. Your dishes are darling.

    Have a great week!


  4. Looks like everything was so nice. You know, I have never played bunco! But it always sounds like such fun!!

  5. What a lovely setting. This is just beautiful, and I know everyone just loved it. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  6. So pretty! I can see why you were excited and very ready to start using your wonderful estate sale china. It really sets a lovely table. Your table runner is beautiful, as is the crocheted one on your sideboard. I like the way you're arranged everything; it's so inviting!

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  7. Everything looks so pretty and perfect! I too try to find other uses for the sugar and creamer. Hope everyone had a fun time, Joan

  8. Hi Oliva!!!!
    I loved your table, what a surprise for your bunco friends, it was lovely, what a treat!!!! The food sounded so good, and I love the setup and the desserts!!!!
    I love Bunco, I need to start one over here!!!!
    have a great weekend


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