Sunday, November 6, 2011

Napkin Rings

I received these handmade napkin rings from Mercedes.  How can one person be so talented!

They remind me of favorites.

I paired them with Ann's napkins she made for me from last year's cigar box swap.

Thank you Ladies!  My dining room has a touch of fall this year


  1. Wow they look perfect will the napkins!! They are so pretty.

  2. they do look like mums!!!
    they are gorgeous :D

  3. Oliva, I was so surprised to see the napkin rings - they look fabulous with the napkins! I was hoping you would like them... they do remind me of mums also! very Fallish... enjoy :)

  4. Those are great napkin rings, & the really do look like mums. It's so nice that it actually feels fallish here in AZ. It was definitely a long-time! I just love looking at your beautiful cards. I love making cards (& scrapbooking, too), but mine are much more simplistic than!


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