Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Garland

Amazing how this year has flown by...or so it seemed to me!  One of my resolutions for the 2011 year was to be a little more productive and step outside of my comfort zone.  I think I accomplished it, even though it was hard to find the time and simply immerse myself in my passion: stamping, card making, swaps, ...

After a long week of being sick (bronchitis & nasty upper respiratory infection), I managed to play a little in my crafty messy corner.

Ending 2011 with a little gift for a co-worker who I happened to be her Secret Santa, I made her a winter garland.  I tried so hard not to give her anything handmade by me, so that I wouldn't give myself away.  I finally finished this winter garland for her.

I love making garlands!  They're so easy and fast to make!

But for now, this garland will hang in my living room for a week, before I go back to work, and present it to Christie.

Stay healthy!