Friday, April 13, 2012

Vintage Petite Jar from Marie

Marie made this adorable vintage petite jar.  She used this beautiful lace and vintage jewelry to decorate the jar.

On the lid of the jar, Marie used a vintage piece of jewelry along with crotchet doily.  She also made the gorgeous tag.

Marie filled the jar with tons of treasures: more vintage jewelry, charms, a roll up hankie, stickpin, pink adorable baby chicks, a silk small baggie filled with sweet smelling lavender, a bottle cap pin, a tiny candle wrapped with gauze, a paper weight, Yankee candles, lace...LOVE IT ALL!!! 

The most precious and amazing little treasure I found among the many things Marie send me, is this most adorable cute tiny pin cushion made out of a walnut shell!!!  I can't stop looking at it and admiring it!

This spool of thread was a great surprise as well.  I love how Marie threaded the button to hold the thread on the spool!  Great idea!
sorry for this blurry picture...I think I took off my glasses when I took it...
Thank you so much Marie!

This was my jar to Marie.

Michele from Something Special hosted this very special swap called Vintage Petite Jar Spring Swap. The special thing about this swap is that it was so nice to get to know the person you get to swap with.