Monday, May 7, 2012

Queen's ATC

This past two weeks have been absolutely "hell" at work...long hours and too many "darn" projects...which leave me with no free time.  I am really resenting my so called work taking away quality time with my Hubby and the things I enjoy to do. 

Phew...enough venting and let me share with you an ATC I received from Valery.

Valery from It's An Alien Life, made this gorgeous Queen ATC and it arrived all the way from England.

Queen Anne, 6th. Feb 1665 ~ 1st. Aug 1714
Ascended the throne of England, Scotland, Ireland
On 8th, March 1702.  Daughter of James II of England.
Anne was the last Monarch of the House of Stuart.
Married Prince George of Denmark 28th. July 1683.

Thank you so much Valery.  Lovely!
Mine is on its way to her...

Thank you for stopping by~


  1. Lovely atc you received Oliva. And I hear you on the work thing. I spend way too much time there and am always trying to squeeze in the things I love to do.

  2. Oliva, such a lovely ATC you've received! I had to smile when I read your post, as I too have been having a rough time at work (I teach Kindergarten)... there are SO MANY things I'd rather be doing! I live for Friday afternoons and days off! Still keeping my fingers crossed on winning the PowerBall lottery someday lol

  3. Beautiful ATC's Made & Received! Hugs,Tee


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