Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Organizing: Cloth Napkins

Slowly but surely, I have been organizing and clearing space throughout the house.
I love having everything tidy and neat in my chaos please!  
After a year and a half of retirement, I feel like I have my life together, and I'm really enjoying being a my full-time career!!!
 This linen drawer did not look like this before.  It was stuffed with tablecloths totally disorganized.
 I took out all of my cloth napkins from different drawers and cupboards, and folded them neatly.
 Some had to be ironed.
 I lined the drawer with pretty wallpaper (did not glue/paste it to drawer).
I find wallpaper rolls at estate/garage sales and use it for wrapping gifts, boxes that need to be mailed out, and now for lining up drawers.

 I was inspired by Marty from A Stroll Life, napkin organization.  Her suggestion is to stand the napkins on end, in order to see all the different colors and patterns, and can be easily counted to know how many you have on hand.
I just love how neat this drawer is now!!!

I can't wait to finish organizing my tablecloths, place mats and linen!
Inspire Me Tuesday ~ A Stroll Thru Life