Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cleaning Up

Lately I have been on a "finishing up projects" that I began, but was almost done and never completed...hehehe!!!
PhDs (projects half done) or WIPs (works in progress) whether they're half done knitted sweaters, half done crochet afghans, half done hand sewn quilts, Christmas cards, scrapbooks, pocket letters... all tucked away in boxes, bags, or baskets...
one by one are coming out to be finally finished!
Why so many unfinished projects?
I ran out of yarn, paper, ribbon, thread, fabric, time, motivation...
Or I just simply moved on to another new more exciting project to make!
I'll be honest, but it is hard to sit down and re-start an old project; but once I make up my mind, I simply do it!!!  
I get a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after each completed project!

Have a wonderful weekend!