Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch PL and Life So Far

Things are getting better day by day and feeling much better! :-)
  1. I had an IBS flare up due to all of the recent stress I let myself  in.  I got it under control, and feel so much better!!!
  2. Our Church's Bazaar and Bake Sale was a great success!!! I helped out at the Christmas Table for two days, and boy was I tired, but it felt so good to feel useful and have a purpose in life.  
  3. I baked the most delicious heavy duty pound cake for the Church's Bake Sale!  I will share recipe and picture in another post.
  4. Mom and I attended the Peoria Community Center Halloween Bash Party and wore the cutest little witches' hatbands. 
  5. The tile has been delivered and tiling of living/dining rooms is scheduled for next Wednesday, November 11th!!!  Maybe we can host Thanksgiving dinner here!
  6. Oh...and I'm so behind schedule (swaps, visiting friends' blogs, life in general ...) so today I start the first day of my life all over again!
I better post this Fall Pocket Letter before the Christmas season begins!
I made this Fall Pocket Letter for Julie.

I used the front cover page of our Community Center Fall flyer to create Julie's PL.  I cut out some clip art, sunflower picture and Fall 2015 from the same flyer.
This is the back of the Fall PL!
I included a My Fall Favorites tag checklist and a card pocket filled with more fallish goodies for Julie!
To learn more about Pocket Letters you may go to Janette Lane's Pocket Letter
Facebook Pocket Letter Pals

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better, Oliva, and are back to creating!

  2. Very nice pocket letter! I just posted about having a Christmas one if you want to join. It's that time of year when so much happens before Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your new tile.

  3. Good to hear your feeling better, I know how rough that IBS can get. So good that the church bazaar was a success, it's always good when you can help out others and the church :) Your pages are so cool, I like how the pumpkin patch scene was cut up like that, neat goodies too! I bet it will be so nice to get that tile done. Have a great weekend


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