Monday, May 16, 2016

Minnie Mouse Tilda Doll

 My very dear Crafty Friend Enedelia made and presented me with this most adorable Minnie Mouse Tilda Doll for Mother's Day.  Even though I'm not a mom, she said that I had furry babies and that made me a MOM!!!

This was my table with my ever loyal companion Jack!  I'm a messy crafter!
The week before Mother's Day, the Girlz and I got together and crafted all day long!!!  We each had our on table to spread out to work on our own crafts.  I work on several things, while Enedelia spent all day sewing Tilda Dolls!!!  I didn't even know she was working on my little Minnie Tilda!

Of course, we had plenty of food to keep us energized throughout the day!
I made a Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza for our brunch.
 Enedelia's Hubby prepared and made this very delicious and healthy fruit platter for us...pineapple, fresh coconut, mango, jicama, honeydew and melon served with cottage.  We munched on this for most of the day!

One of the other Girls shared a most delicious marble cake from this really good local bakery shop!  I will admit that I had a huge slice and did not feel guilty one bit!  I enjoyed it!
Believe it or not, the day flew by so fast!
We worked so hard and we accomplished most of our work.  We talked, shared our crazy lives with each other, and the best part was that we laughed and had a fabulous time together!!!
We will meet again sometime in November once I get back from my summer in Minnesota.  We keep in touch through Facebook and private messaging.  I'm so blessed I have these Ladies in my life!

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