Monday, November 14, 2016

Daily Light House Cleaning

This is my "other" favorite toy!!!
It's a Hoover LiNX Cordless Vacuum and I 💗 it!!!!

It's so light and easy to use, and cleans really really well.  It's super awesome in helping you stay ahead of the daily debris that falls onto your clean floors...especially when you have a white tile floor in the kitchen like we do.
We have four pets, plus us two and we live in the desert where it's dry and very dusty, and it's incredible how much debris (crumbs, hair, fur, fine dust, ...) we drag from outdoors into our home or comes in through open windows...and we make sure we wipe our feet before coming into the house, and not wear outside shoes indoors.
This vacuum's suction picks up every tiny little speck visible to my eye.

It takes me about less than 10 minutes or less to quickly vacuum up all of our floors and empty the canister...bam!!!
So much better than using a broom, which usually just scatters all the stuff all over the place...especially hair and fur.

 Other PLUSES:
+ battery life lasts long enough to vacuum all of our house
+ it gets into spaces that my big heavy vacumm cleaner cannot
+ suction is terrific!
+ great to vacuum rugs
+ cleaning dirty canister is a breeze and so easy
+ I even use it to vacuum our garage floor and front door entrance!!!
+ CORDLESS...goes anywhere!
+ Did I mention how super light this vacuum is!?!

I highly recommend this product.  It will make your life so much easier and not a drag.  It gives me more time to play golf, craft and Girlz Time!!!
***Hubby bought the first one for our summer home at Costco.  This new one he got it through Amazon for a lot cheaper (included S&H).

~Life is Blissful~