Sunday, April 26, 2009

MN Ohlsons

DH's brother, Chip & his wife Jan, came to visit us here in Arizona all the way from the "Big White Cold North ~ Minnesota"!
We enjoy their company so much, and we have loads of fun, even though I had to work :-(
I can't wait to be so retired!!!
Jan & I in our Joe Arpaio's stripped jail-house tops...LOL!!! It's definitely a fashion faux paux for me!!! It has most certainly added not 10 but 40 lbs to my slim figure!!! Ahhh...!!! Please don't focus on my top heavy endowment, but take a look at those fabulous great looking legs of mine my DH "fell in love with!!!"
Thanks Chip & Jan for the so very wonderful & "way too short" visit! See you in September when the new"Krych-Ohlson" new-born arrival gets here! We can't wait!
I am in my so very knitting, crocheting and quilting mode!!!