Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Blooming Backyard

After a couple of very hot days and yesterday's high winds, we woke up to a glorious and perfect Spring Day!
These are a few pics I took today of our blooming backyard...the above picture is a potted thyme plant which is flowering...
I call this "red lantana"...
You guessed it "yellow lantana"...
Ying & Yang...
As I was taking pics of this lantana bush, a family of cottontail bunnies took off in a fast to take pictures of them...
These are our oleander plants blooming to perfection! About 2 years ago, we had a horrible winter frost, and we thought these oleanders were history...thankfully, after much tending by DH...look at them now!
The round bush is an ornamental orange tree..


  1. Beautiful! Hubby and I have no green thumbs between us, so I'll have to make do with admiring yours. ;)

  2. Your yard is beautiful in ull bloom. I can't wait to see what your summer garden looks like. Must be so very pretty.


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