Monday, October 12, 2009


Have I mentioned before that I'm a HUGE Rooster fan?! Imagine my delight running into this most adorable store in Bryn Mawr, a neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN - Cockadoodledoo!
The shop specializes in antiques, body, garden & home, but they had tons of unique roosters! I can't wait to go back and really browse and shop sans DH...heehee!
Read the following from Minneapolis Picks -
Rise & Shine...
...Cockadoodledoo adds pizzazz to the quaint Bryn Mawr neighborhood through a pastiche of garden and home goods like whimsical wooden carved figurines, antique furniture, embroidered linens and a carefully edited collection of vintage watches, wall decor and children’s books. While our inner-child begged for the handmade dollhouse, we happily settled for the shop’s rather iconic pillow boasting a stitched image of a rooster—perfect for concealing that crater in the couch.
If you love a good yard sale, you’ll enjoy rummaging through the eclectic mix of retro knick-knacks, contemporary accessories and country furnishings… until the cows come home!