Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clean and Simple

When you're in a jam, it's nice to have a true a friend.
Aren't we all lucky to have a friend we can count on no matter what!?! I have that true friend!
We laugh at silly stuff, we vent when the world just gets to be too much, and we confide in each other. We give without expecting to receive. We know if we need each other, we're there for each other.
I am blessed!

I had this stamp image for a long time and finally had an opportunity to use. My Big Sis Linda from My Little Yellow Cottage gave to me. Thank you Linda. The sketch is from Clean & Simple FTL103.


  1. This is lovely Olivia - I love the stamp and the sentiment.

  2. We all need a friend like that! It's great that you were inspired to make this lovely card.

  3. This card is adorable! I love the sentiment!


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