Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Something's Brewing" Halloween Swap

I participated in a Halloween swap called "Something's Brewing" hosted by Debi over at Bloggerrette Sorority Sisters. We were to decorate or make a Halloween goodie bag, and fill it up with lots of "Hall-o-weenie" goodies for our Secret Sister.

I came home to find a huge package wrapped in the most beautiful paper!!!  It was too pretty to open, but finally I carefully opened it and found amazing treasures! 
Take a look at the beautiful bag that my Secret Sister made for me...
My Secret Sorority Swap Sister is Mercedes from All Things Pretty!  She is amazing!  She put so much thought and work into everything she chose and made for me.  I am speechless and feel so blessed.

Isn't the other side of the bag beautiful too!  She's so talented.  I love all of the crotchet doilies and how she made those gorgeous gauze flowers!  

Take a look at the many things she packed into my beautiful bag!  I don't know what to touch, pick up, admire, look at, ...  It feels like Christmas!

I love this beautiful Jack-o-Lantern wooden basket/box...which was filled with the most yummy looking confections from Lunds/Beyerly' favorite grocery store in the Minneapolis area.

This is the paper that Mercedes used to wrap my package.  It's actually wallpaper!  Beautiful!  I am saving as much of it as I can.  I already have plans for it!
In the next several days I will post some more gifts that Mercedes made for me, so that you can admire her artwork.
I am so happy that I had the best Sister I could have ever wished for!  Thank you Mercedes!

Thank you Debi for such a wonderful and fun swap!