Monday, February 27, 2012

It's A Mad Mad Alice in Wonderland World Swap

I participated in a fun ATC swap at Blissfull ATC Swap.  This month's theme was It's A Mad Mad Alice in Wonderland World
This is my ATC which I made for my Partner Peggy

...and by the way...take a look at how my mornings have started for the last couple of weeks!  LOL!!!  My world has been mad mad mad!!!


  1. Love the Alice in Wonderland ATC. Cute mismatch socks! I am your partner for the lace ATC over at Tee's.

  2. What a great card Oliva!!

    Hey you are in the new fad with your mismatched socks! I took care of my niece this weekend and went to a girls store where you bought pairs of mismatched socks!

    bee blessed

  3. How great. I received your ATC card today and I love it. Hope mine has gotten to you. I will post about the one I got as soon as my camera batteries charge up. Love the socks.
    Peggy QMM


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