Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pin Cushion Swap

I am so happy I have a long 3-day weekend to rest and catch up with my personal life! 
My job has consumed my life outside of work.  Everyday is a new challenge with more responsibilities and not enough hours in a day!  So very frustrating.
Well enough of my venting and let me start enjoying my 3-day of freedom!

Roses from our garden.  So very fragrant and beautiful!

I participated in a pin cushion swap at Tee's from The Altered Paper.  This cute pin cushion with hand made pins was created for me by Donna at Red Apple Junction.  I love the gingham and lace!
Thank you Donna!

...and this was my creation for Donna.  A pin cushion that resembles very much like a cupcake (or so it seems to me)!

For being my very first pin cushion, I think it turned out pretty well!

I really am enjoying participating in these swaps.  It amazes me how talented all these ladies are and I get to learn from them!

Well for today Hubby and I have several things planned, but first we are on our way out for our morning exercise.  Later we will go to this huge book sale in our community.  We have our long list of books and authors that we hope to find and buy, and later this evening I am off to play bunco.  This bunco group is not my regular group.  I was invited to sub for one of the ladies, so I will be meeting 10 new ladies tonight!  Hope to win$

Enjoy Life!