Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zone 3-4 Gardening

Gardening up here in Minneapolis is so different than gardening down in Arizona!!!
The soil is soft and rich.  Digging is a breeze!  You can just about drop anything on the ground and it will grow.
 I am also learning patience is a key in growing perennials.
 I go through our basement "junk" to come up with great ideas for garden containment.  This chair is one that my father-in-law had worked on refinishing, but never got to it.
 HOSTAS: my pride and joy! 
It has taken over 3 years to finally see the lush results!
 My Hubby's garden row.  I say it's my Hubby's because he planted these about 2 years ago and he's very proud of his work!  I spread cocoa bean mulch around these hostas and day lilies, and if only you could smell the sweet chocolate aroma...Mmm good!
At this time I'm learning and planning on what I need to plant in the ground for next spring/summer, before we go back to Arizona.  So much to do, so little time...