Sunday, February 1, 2015


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  1. Now this one made me laugh. I am not a big football fan even though when my husband was alive he did watch some, in fact just enough to drive me from the living room to elsewhere in the house. I never could understand that game and what all the fuss was about over a ball. I always felt that all sports celebrities were over paid while people who walked into burning buildings to save lives never get paid enough. Love Downton though and my youngest daughter bought me Season 4 for Christmas. Just don't dare watch it till she is around to enjoy it too, so with Season 5 now being broadcast on PBS it is difficult. As for me, I will be doing snow removal, possibly 13 inches expected and later if I have the energy I will be sticking my nose in my tote of yarn. Have a good week.
    Susanne :)


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