Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday night I worked on some upcoming swap projects while catching up on my favorite Soap Opera: The Young & The Restless

For this card swap I was to create 3 Vertical Blind cards...any theme for each person in my group.  Luckily we were a small group of four.
This is my favorite of the 3.  I just love the Designer Paper background!

The Designer Paper for this card is also so pretty and shimmery.
I wasn't too creative in making each swap partner a totally different card.  I just hope it's not a big deal.

Saturday's Bunco Night was a blast!  I did win though...$1.50 for the most losses!
About half of the group are originally from Wisconsin and BIG Packers' fans!  While playing Bunco we were also watching the game: Cardinals vs Packers.  Every time the Packers scored...OMG...did it get loud...and when the Cardinals scored & won the game it got even louder!  I wonder what our neighbors think of us now!!!  These ladies don't need any alcohol to have a good time!!!  I told you we are a bunch of wild and crazy Ladies!!!!

Sunday I stayed in my pj's all day long and recouped!  I'm realizing that I can't party like a Rock Star anymore!!! 


  1. Your cards turned out beautiful and I love the quotes. Y&R is my favorite soap, too! I don't miss an episode! Even my hubby likes it :) We record it and have a marathon on the weekends. So fun to cheer your favorite team. Our Seahawks lost their chance at the play-off game with the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. Oh, well, there is always next season. Hugs xo Karen

  2. these are so pretty, I love your paper combo's and the pretty pins in the bows always dresses a card up nicely, I haven't used them in some time, they will love them!


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