Saturday, January 16, 2016

Using Your Goodies Pocket Letter

It's another gorgeous sunny Saturday!

  I created this Pocket Letter for a swap.  The challenge was to use "goodies" you have received from previous PL swaps.  
It's amazing how quickly you start collecting gift/goodies included in swaps.  Some are so hard to part away from, but I had to sacrifice them for the making of this PL.  I don't know what style this PL turned out to be, but I think it's sort of shabby vintage...
This is the back of the PL filled with more goodies for my swap partner.  I'm sure she'll put them to good use!

Today I have a super busy day!  
It's my turn to host Bunco tonight, and sadly to say I have not had a chance to prepare the main dish (lazagna) or tidy up the house or even gone to the store to pick up what I need for tonight's off I go and get myself ready for the day...!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!