Monday, January 25, 2016

January Hexies and Pocket Letter Swaps

I am so behind in posting and sharing some of the swaps I have received in the last two weeks!

 I received these very pretty hexie flowers from Vicki all the way from Australia!  I love polka dots, blue and daisies!!!

I also received this pretty Using Your Goodies Pocket Letter from Tammi.
Here is the one I sent her.

Tammi was so generous with me in sending me even more goodies!

Golf Update: Friday morning I had a bunker shot lesson.  The very handsome instructor made it look so easy...but it's not!  I need lots of practice and I also need to learn all of the names of the clubs and their uses!  Oh Boy...I just hope the Ladies don't kick me out of their group...LOL!

Mom's Health Update: Thank you God mom is very healthy.  She simply needs to realize that she's getting older, and with age her body is not the same as a 30 something!   So far no more doctor appointments until next month! 

Church Women's Group:  Loving it!!!  Last Wednesday our group had an awards ceremony where $5,000 was given to 5 well deserved organizations/groups: Ryan's House, Pets for Veterans, St. Matthew's Catholic School (located in a really bad part of town), and two others.  These groups are totally funded by donations and local support.  
My favorite organization is the Pets for Veterans.  It was funded by a local Veterinarian. 
Basically pets are rescued from shelters/euthanasia and trained to be partnered with a Veteran who suffers from PTSD.  These pets can be of assistance to their owners for emotional support or for handicap assistance.
When I found out how much each group received, it may me realized how hard these group of Ladies work and also how generous (monetary wise) others are who can't attend the meetings.  God Bless Them.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Sooo many pretties both given and received. Love, love, LOVE those hexies. I fear my heart is beating a li'l faster. Oh, I think a handsome instructor can make anything look easier. =) Good news re your mom and your church group of ladies sound wonderful. How lovely that so many generous ladies are making the world a better place.

  2. pretty hexies and great pockets to receive and send out!! I bet you will catch up on it all very soon and just remember they were all in the same boat when they started golfing also, just have fun! Good to hear your mom is doing better, we have had to tell my Father in law to slow down too, he wants to do everything he use to, it is so sad.
    Such great work the womens group is doing sounds like you help so many people and that is what God calls us to do, great job!

  3. Just popping in to say Hi and see what you're up to. I love your pocket swaps and the hexes! Glad everything is going well.

  4. I always enjoy visiting your wonderful blog and seeing what you've been working on. You are just so creative. It's inspiring... :)


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