Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

Sunday morning I tried a new easy breakfast recipe that I found at The Gunny Sack (via Pinterest).

I am not disappointed!!!  It is actually very good and so perfect to serve the kids!

You can find the recipe here.
Of course, I added a little dash of this and that to spice it up a little bit more to my taste.  I used Maple pork sausage instead of the regular one the recipe called for.  I did not add oil to the skillet while cooking the sausage; that in my mind eliminates extra fat.  I also added a small chopped onion to the sausage while cooking.  To the egg mixture I added 2 extra eggs, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, hot sauce, and garlic powder, plus black pepper & salt to taste.

Also, when I lined the tater tots on the cast iron skillet, I did not greased it; and left the tater tots an extra 8-10 minutes in the oven to crisp up more.  I did not use all of the 2 cups of shredded cheese, but just enough to cover the layers.  Last but not least I did not sprinkle the crumbled cooked bacon.  I'm pretty sure the bacon must make it taste even better, but I did not have any...perhaps next time...I didn't miss it.

Maybe I should called this dish Deconstructed Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza...this casserole has so many possibilities: make it Southwestern by adding green chilies, Denver by adding bell pepper and mushrooms, ...
Any suggestions?  I hope you try it!

You may want to visit The Gunny Sack for more delicious recipes...and then make them your own like I did...LOL!!!

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Have a wonderful day!!!